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Hello.Im an aviation enthusiast and currently a student pilot.I have always loved to do business also as part time venture whenever possible.I order aviation accessories such as aircraft models for decor ,brand coffee mugs with aviation touch,clothings branded with aviation pictures and many more,i resale them with a profit.Currently i deal with small scale and i market the commodities amongst a few people but i have anticipated a tremendous growth in demand from many other people in the airport and online marketing in jiji.co.ke, through friendship referrals but i lack the capital to inject into the business and make it the dream business i think of.I stock commodities at home and deliver my orders within Nairobi ,i also send as packages to other parts of the country.I would like to grow and open a shop in Nairobi.In the future i would like to own a branding machine which will make items readily available on demand instead of using a third party which causes delays and reduction in net profits.I also intend to grow my business and make it a big pilot shop where we sell not only do small scale sales but also do wholesale supply of items such as;small decor items aviation attire ,navigation aid gadgets ,maps and aviation study materials.I really appreciate each and everyone's support and commit to support other entrepreneurs to grow too.Be blessed!

My Business

My pilot shop business sells aviation-related products and services to pilots and aviation enthusiasts. These products include aviation headsets, navigation tools, and flight bags, among others.

To generate profits, i use a combination of different strategies. One way is that i offer a variety of products at competitive prices, attracting a large customer base. Another way is providing excellent customer service, building loyalty and repeat business. Additionally, i offer services such as pilot training related consultations and aircraft rental connections for recreational purposes, generating revenue through those channels as well.

Overall, the key to generating profits in my pilot shop business is to offer a diverse range of high-quality products and services, and to provide exceptional customer service. My first capital was from my savings.

Project Proposal

The funds will be very useful in doing two things of priority for now.First,it will help in adding particular stock,branded aviation apparels that is now selling fast.I consider also buying a bigger branding machine for that job.The other uses are ;expanding my online marketing platform to gain more customers.Since i started running my business from home,i can now see its full potential coming alive.The next move of which is not a priority for now is to invest in a delivery bike/scooter since i don't foresee renting a shop for this business in the near future.Many customers are also coming in not only from Nairobi but countrywide.All these growth is made posibble because of the Zidisha family which has provided the reliable,affordable funds which has a positive credit growth and this gives hope for small businesses like mine which have big visions for the future.





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Nov 4, 2023



Joseph Hwang

Houston, United States

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