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About Me

I am married with two children both in secondary school. I have done business management to a college level,I live Syokimau in the outskirt of Nairobi on Mombasa road in my own house, and am a banker by profession. During my free time I like reading motivation books, watching inspiration movies, talking to friends and discussing business ideas.
I am farmer started farming after resigning from my job because this is where my passion is. Having enough space in my compound I decided to put up a small green house from the money I was paid after resigning, planted tomatoes for 6 months, the money I got from tomatoes farming I purchased an automatic 200 egg incubator costing 825 dollars. I then started hatching and selling quail chicks to farmers, the money I got from quail I constructed a big quail and chicken house at a cost of 1085 dollars I also bought 200 fertilized indigenous chicken eggs for hatching. My target is to have 500 chickens in the next 3 months. Chicken matures after 6months now this is where I need support from Zidisha, 500 chicken consume food worthy 47.06 dollars in 2 days so in a month they feed 706dollars, at the same time I will be hatching and selling day old chicks this will help in buying feeds in addition to the loan I will get from Zidisha. How do I pay for the loan am getting from Zidisha before my chicks mature? The money I get from selling quail meat and eggs, and from my green house where I have planted indigenous vegetables will be able to pay for loan plus interest before my chicken mature.
There are different ways one can give back to the community; it has always been my dream to help one, two or three people. When my business expands I know I will be able to increase my stock to about 5000 chicken and have not less than 10 employees, that is where I will say I have life fulfillment because through me more than 10 families will be able to put food on their table and educate their children, and THAT IS MY DREAM.

My Business

I do greenhouse farming planting tomatoes and indigenous vegetables, hatch and rare quails for both meat and eggs, and I have just started hatching and raring indigenous chicken. Organic gardening is now being embraced both locally and internationally and as Kenya embraces this technology, investors, farmers, and those already in the organic business are expected to reap high returns. With the agricultural industry having rising environmental concerns, organic gardening seems to be the preferred choice for a majority of farmers. And that’s why I decided to farm organic indigenous chicken and indigenous vegetables because the demand is higher.
The main risk involved in green house farming is pests and diseases, to avoid this one must have an agronomist to advice on pest control and to follow the spraying program. For quail farming there is no much risk only cleanliness should be observed, and maybe demand is low at the moment. Chicken business is very profitable especially when farming the indigenous type of chicken the demand for eggs and meat is high because most consumers prefer the organically feed chicken that feeds on natural food, which are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The main risk is diseases but this can be control by vaccinating and feeding on proper diet and clean water.
Main costs of greenhouse farming are seedling, pests, labour and agronomist costs. For quails main cost is feeds. My main business is CHICKEN FARMING, feeding takes the highest cost in chicken business. Chicken are heavy feeders so one requires enough capital to be able to take good care of them until they are 6 months that is when they start laying. Let’s look at this scenario to come up with total cost, revenue and profit for one month. My target is to keep 500 chickens in the next 3months, an egg cost 0.236dollars, 500 chicken feeds on 47.07ollars in 2 days, collecting 400 eggs on daily basis:
Sell of eggs 400*30days*0.236=___________________2834dollars
Cost of buying eggs for incubation 500*0.236_118dollars
Labour cost______________176dollars
Vaccinate costs___________118dollars
Miscellaneous cost________198dollars
lessTotal expenses_________________________{1716dollars}
My main business is chicken farming this avery profitable business.Looking at the above scenario raising 500 Chicken is very expensive and that is why I ask Zidisha Lenders to help me achieve my dream.

Project Proposal

I have an order of 24,000 heads of cabbage to be planted by July 2024 and harvest in September2024.

So I come back to my zidisha family again my budget is as follows
1. Cabbage seedlings 24,000 ×2ksh = 48,000(320 dollars)
2. Pests and diseases, manpower, fertilizer ish 480,000 ( 3200 dollars)

I am expecting some money by August which will be able to manage those other expenses but at the moment I only need ksh 48 000 for buying the seedlings.

Cabbage takes 3months to mature , when I plant in July I expect to harvest in August. By planting this I will be able to employ almost 10 workers that means I will support more than 30 families .

Seedlings 48 000 ( 320dollars )
Expenses 500,000 (3,400 dollars
Sell 1,600,000 (10,700 dollars)
Profit 1,052,000 (7100 dollars)

Thank you family





  • JimVandegriff    Oct 24, 2017

    Very good repayment, on schedule, for this loan. I would lend again if asked.

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