Poultry house and back up generator

Elijah Cheruiyot Langat

Mogogosiek, Kenya

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Elijah Cheruiyot Langat

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October 2016

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About Me

My full name is Elijah cheruiyot Langat born in a small village Siomo Bomet county in 1973. I am second born in a family of seven. My father was a driver and had a difficult time in educating us due to limited resources. I went to secondary school almost 300 kilometers away from home. Since my father was polygamous, we were five in high school. We all went to reputable high schools very far from home. I remember my father use to struggle paying our school fees on time and in full. Many instances I was left in school after closure waiting for fare back to home. The principal could at times dig into his pocket to give me fare home. I at times go to school without pocket money and the very necessities such as pens exercise books soap etc. This made me to work hard and become very innovative in life. I use to save any cent I come across to use while in school to buy my necessities.
After school I went to college did mechanical engineering diploma for three years. I remember my dad asking me not to join college because he was unable to pay for me. Since I am a strong believer of jesus Christ I trusted that God will help me to go through my college successfully. My dad accepted and paid for me first year fees. To the surprise of my dad and entire family, God helped me to get a sponsorship with Toyota Kenya which took me through meeting all the expenses. Later I secured myself a job. from there I have educated myself and did total quality management, Human resource management and technical education.

My Business

I am a small scale (Poultry and Dairy) farmer. Currently in the process of installing a biogas system through SISTEMA.bio. The entire project will cost me 178,800 to be completed. I have paid 17,880 as a deposit. Within 35 days they will install the system and require me to pay another 17,880. Thereafter i am expected to be paying 11,170 monthly for 12 months. I require the loan to pay the 17,880 and to buy fodder for my two dairy animals. I am also intending to buy one heifer to increase my dairy cows to 3.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to purchase building materials to build the incubator house and also eggs to hatch. I need a consistent supply of power and therefore will purchase a small standby generator as the supply of power is very unreliable.The following is the breakdown of the specific items,

1.Iron sheets= 15x6$=90$
2.Timber = 50pcsx1.5$=75$
4.Sand and other materials.e.g nails= 100$
5.Eggs= 264x0.02$=6$
7.Backup Generator =187$






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Classic Loan

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Aug 11, 2017

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On Time

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10 months

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