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Mugendi Elizaphan

Kinoo - Kikuyu, Kenya

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Mugendi Elizaphan

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February 2015

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About Me

As a young boy in the early seventies, I was raised at the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya where survival and adventure went hand in hand. Though schooling was not interesting for most of my peers, I somehow got fascinated with learning which led me to stay on to complete both elementary and high school. This drew a clear line between my destiny and that of most of my age mates' setting us on two different paths in life.
After completing high school, I secured a place in one of the leading mid-level colleges in the city of Nairobi where I was enrolled for a diploma course. On completing my course, I set out to seek for a job. After six months is when I got one with a freight forwarding and logistics company. Considering the challenges I faced while seeking for the job, I endeavored to one day start my own business where I can also be an employer.
It was rather unfortunate that after working for the company close to ten years, it started declining as a result of mismanagement and funds misappropriation by the directors. By the time I decided to quit, I had worked for ten months without a salary. All this time I survived on my savings which were also draining out considering that I already had a family. After another search for a job for three months without success, I made an interestingly radical decision; to volunteer my time and services to an orphanage (children’s’ home). By this time, paying house rent and my children’s’ school fees was a big challenge. This is when I knew true value of friends in life because a number of them came to my rescue on many occasions.
In the midst of all this, I realized there was a sufficient space just beside my house. Thinking of how to utilize it, an idea of poultry keeping popped up and it was like a new dawn to me. I had to squeeze out of the little allowance I get from the orphanage to construct a chicken coop. I also managed to buy five mature indigenous chickens. This brought a lot of excitement to my wife, daughter and our three sons. Actually one of my boys was so inspired by the whole issue till he now desires to be a vet doctor. This small venture has to some good extent relieved our financial challenges.
My first born daughter is currently in 9th grade desires to become a medical engineer. The eldest son in the 5th grade wish to become a pilot and his immediate brother in the 4th grade would wish to be a vet doctor. The last born son desires to be a computer engineer. They all have challenged me to work harder to facilitate them achieve their dreams.
Most of my refreshing moments are when am with my family at home, church and out visiting. Other precious moments are with the orphanage kids especially hiking up the hills and running around the home.

My Business

Am currently rearing chicken next to my rented house. This provides both meat and eggs both for sale and family consumption. Later on, am considering adding other types of birds like gees, turkey, ducks, pigeons and other kinds of domestic birds. I supply to individual consumers and several retail outlets.
The community around where I operate mostly buys both chicken meat and eggs from the butcheries and the stores respectively. This has given me an advantage because my products are both fresh and lower in prize in comparison with the butcheries and the stores thus attracting customers.
My choice of poultry keeping was initially as a result of the space available and the convenience of being next to my house. After further survey, I noted the demand for the products was high particularly because it’s a residential area and most the residents find it easier to buy from me. My other consideration was that it did not require a lot of capital to start. Am also glad that chicken rearing has given my family an easy access to sufficient and affordable protein diet.
Much of the costs are for buying chicken feed and lighting the chicken coop. This takes close to 30% of the total sales. Other expenses include medicines, packaging, and deliveries though they are short distances. At times I spend on repairs for the chicken coop.
The incomes from chicken rearing have helped me pay for my children’s school fees. I have four kids, of whom one is in high school and three in elementary school. All these have been in private schools which are quite expensive but offer more quality education than the public schools. I have also been using some of the proceeds to feed the family and also add a few more birds when the financial burdens are not very heavy on me.

Loan Proposal

After Zidisha deducts US$ 130 Members Loan Fund Deposit, I will use the remainder of US 51.13 to increase my poultry livestock. Currently I need to add the cocks so as to maintain a good cock-chicken ration within my stock. I will add 5 cocks at US$ 10 each and the balance of US$ 1.13, I will buy more feed. This will ensure that a high percentage of the eggs laid shall be fertilized which I will in turn incubate so as to grow my poultry livestock.





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Apr 7, 2016

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