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I am Bonus Libala from Zambia, a farmer by profession. I belong to a cooperative Society Limited which assists us with inputs for farming it is called Tabela Multipurpose Co- operative Society Limited.

Tabela - MPC is a dynamic agribusiness community based cooperative society owned by members who are comprised mainly by women & youth groups in Petauke District. Tabela - MPC was created with the primary aim of improving sustainable smallholder agricultural production and productivity, with a focus on value addition plan, creating viable market linkages, promoting capacity building among the youth and women. Our overall goal is to increase awareness of personal driven entrepreneurship skills which will stimulate rural household income, food and nutrition security of the people and ultimately reducing poverty in our rural communities in Petauke district of Eastern Province, Zambia.

Currently Tabela - MPC it is involved in maize cultivation. We have previously been involved in promotion of bio fortified orange fleshed sweet potato varieties which was an intervention aimed at reducing vitamin A deficiency among the members, this project was unfortunately not long lived because it was our own initiative with no sponsors to support our efforts to expand the program. This project was financed with the little resources realised from the sales of maize stocks.

My Business

My business is Chicken rearing - broilers production which is lucrative business but has it's up and down but it's a nice business. The business is situated in Petauke District of Eastern Province. Petauke is a rural District which has a population of 241,056 (2010 Zambian Census Report) and the lack of well managed poultries create high demand for broiler chicken on the market. PETAUKE is a busy and growing business community providing market for various products and agricultural commodities. The population of Petauke has increased through the deployment of civil servants (teachers, nurses and agricultural officers) and mushrooming of business entities due to increased infrastructure and demand for products and services. PETAUKE is centrally located and provides a hive of business activities and accessible market for customers from Sinda and Nyimba.
The lack of well-managed poultries in Petauke causes a low supply of broiler chicken on the local market. There are no government or non-governmental organisations which are consistent and reliable suppliers of broiler chickens in Petauke. Some chicken traders occasionally buy broiler chicken from other districts to resale in Petauke at high prices of up to ZMW 95 per chicken. Our current business proposal will capitalize on this trend which is providing an opportunity for us to gain a very competitive advantage by becoming the only consistent supplier of broiler chickens in Petauke district. We shall endeavour to produce quality chickens which will be dressed, preserved, processed, branded and packaged chicken which will be sold at an affordable farm gate price.

This project is intended to bring about ;

I. To provide an affordable and reliable source of protein and help reduce cases of malnutrition.
II. To help reduce poverty among our communities through skills training
III. To promote everyone’s participation so as to end hunger among our people.
IV. To promote good health and well - being in our society

V. In the future it intends to provide hands-on skills to it's people in the area of agricultural by offering training which will be accredited to Teveta.

Project Proposal

I will use my funds to secure all my poultry requirements to the side of feedstock and drugs. You can know that one bag of chicken starter feed costs K650 and drugs are costing between K75 and K180 which is really hard only with Zidisha and the kind of there funding .





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Jun 5, 2024



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