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Ramadhan Richard

Morogoro, Tanzania

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My name is Ramadhani S Richard, I am a native of Morogoro, Lukobe district, Tuelewane district, I have managed to change my life through entrepreneurship and overcome the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur by buying form six shop tickets and being able to print and sell them in groups and institutions. I have completed the form. Fourthly, in 2014, when I was in school, I was doing business by selling pennies and sweets to my classmates.
After completing the fourth form education, I became involved in the cultivation of leafy vegetables and selling them to mothers who sell them on the street in bundles from the gardens of Minazin Kihonda in the church.

My Business

My business is to buy in-store tickets at a wholesale price in stores and to be able to print names or words related to a certain group or institution and to be able to sell them
I often distribute in Universities and Central Universities in the Morogoro region and I also distribute t-shirts which are the uniforms of the Mapinduz Party (CCM) and sell them.
My business started with a capital of Sh 250,000/= for the number of 20 tickets last year
One ticket costs 12,000 shs until it is completed and sold for 15,000 shs) = for each one and can make a profit of 3,000 shs for each one

Project Proposal

I am engaged in buying and selling printed shop tickets in groups and institutions from far away.
example Morogoro senate tickets worn by many college students here in Morogoro Region
I started with the number of 20 tickets and now this season in my market for college students, the colleges are open again, I will start with 50 tickets but also the profit I will get will be used to pay my loan without any challenge at the relevant time.
Thank you very much .





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Nov 26, 2023


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