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Kevine Ojendo

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About Me

I kevin ochieng ojendo is the first born in a family of five(5) males in our home. Am 29 years of age and i resides in Nairobi Eastland(kayole estate). I started school in Obolo primary and attained 343 marks out of 500 in the year 2004. I proceeded to secondary level where i only managed to enjoy form and unfortunately my mother past away and being the bread winner i couldn"t proceed with studies since there was no volunteer to propel my education. At the age of 19years i was forced by circumstances to be the care brother of my followers. I worked as herdsman in our village of which i could earn US DOLLARS 12 per month. Later due to Gods grace i got a good volunteer who could provide some staff and food therein i used that opportunity to safe some little cash. By year 2005 i managed to resume my school with the help of my area MP dedicating his time every term to provide a bursary to propel my education( late Otieno Kajwang senator) up to my form four level and according to my handwork i managed to attain C+ as aggregate. However, through grace i was invited by good friend to Nairobi and the first job to secure was to work in a pub and restaurant where i was paid 40 US DOLLARS per month.

My Business

It has been aplight of my dreams, that for a man to succeed in live he must be innovative and a quick diversify, problem resolutionist. Due to the rampant and costant shortage of raw material for making cleaning detergent, i have seen opportunity to establish my own shop where i would purchase the raw materials(chemicals) and sell to the people who are in the same field. Through these i am glad to have prosper to the previous goal by setting one of my new branch in HOMA-BAY COUNTY, therein, for the last two months have been receiving positive earnings from the new branch , which is a clear indication that in a span of six months from the opening day i shall increased my capital and increase my profit earned by 70% of the previous profit i used to earn. However, 2015 i have added other orders to increase my profit to 600 us dollars despite the challenges like the theft that was organized by one of my employees, thus caused loss of 30% to the earnings,capital and expenses to operate the business. However i have managed to create some job vacancies to fourteen and additional of six casuals to help customers remove their products to the road and facilitate the weighing of the chemicals to the customers , three marketing and eight selling in the shop chemicals to my esteemed clients. Therein, through the new project for the year 2015- 2016 i am very passionate that with these goal of the years to come the project will be so tremendous and bigger than now. my savings will increase and these will help facilitate the implementation of any opportunity which might come -by like opening new branches in different counties(Migori county). As at now the main challenge i do face is the cost for marketing which is left at negotiation, prices of purchasing chemicals from respective industries, transporting of the raw materials to Homa-bay county which still has no industry dealing in acids, chloride for making the detergents and the less professionals interested in marketing our products in the county. Thus, ways of distribution which has been grate expensive but have reached a little lasting solution of buying a motorbike for residential and households distributions, a future plan to purchase a tuck-tuk kind of transport means that carry 20 containers at once for the new branch, have managed to comply with Kenya Bureau of Statistics by securing there certificates in all of my sites . Any assistance in terms of funds will help increase the production rate, sales, purchase of chemicals and purchase a machine for measuring the potential hydrogen(PH acidity and alkline rate) for the products.Have managed to secure and conclude one of the last year pending deal with Moi University for the supply of cleaning materials in Homa-bay(branch) county.

Loan Proposal

Its has been so hard for the suppliers to sometimes get raw materials(chemicals) for preparing cleaning materials(detergent). However, i would like not to dissappoint my clients like what happened to us last yeaer December, 2014 where we could not get enough materials yet clients were placing requisition orders for the production. Hereto, have resolve to rent a room where i will purchase chemicals from manufacture and store seperate from the chemicals we purchase for production, these will help me maintain the distribution, supply to my cluients during and when the sortage of chemicals is realised within the area.





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Classic Loan

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Jan 14, 2015

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6 weeks

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