Purchase an incubator for my poultry farm

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About Me

Am Rebecca moraa nyangena, born in 1971 to family of 7. growing up we had a difficult childhood, at times we had to drop out of school due to limited funds to support all of us, my father used to work then but had to retire early due to illness but we eventually lost him. we were left with our mother who struggled a lot but she managed to help us finish our 0 levels. after that it was upto us to make our future. being the only girl in the family things were not easy, it was hard to find someone to hire me for any kind of job, but luck has it is i got a job in one of the local coffee factory, i was inexperienced and i had not idea what i was doing but due to determination en hard work eventually i learned how to operate the machineries in the factory. i worked there for four years, i kept saving my earning coz i had a dream that i wanted to fulfil. after saving enough i was able to join kisii institute where i studied accounts. i finished college after 3 years and was lucky to land my first job which i did for 3 year, after 2 years in my job i got married and was blessed with a son, due motherhood demands i was forced to quit working and i became a stay home mum, a few years later i was blessed with another son but then my marriage collapsed and i got divorced, being a single parent wasn't easy, by then my elder son was in high school and i had no job so i had to find a way to be there for my children and support them, thats when i started my chicken business and it has really seen me far, and above all God has been by my side through it all.

My Business

i started my business over 5 years ago. i basically deal with all kind of chicken, i have layer chicken for eggs and broilers for meat. i chose this business because its in my comfort zone and it requires minimum labour and so far it has worked for me. i have 200 layers chicken and i collect at least 120 eggs a day , an egg goes for kes 8, these gives me at least kes 25000 a month, i use 6500 to buy feeds and vaccinations for the chicken, use part of it to pay for my bills and pay for my sons' fee. i make sure i save a minimum of kes 5000 a month for the rainy day, i have like 50 broilers which i sell after every 3 months, after i sell em i use part of the sale to acquire a new set, use part of the money to buys their feeds and vaccinations and save the balance, 1 broiler chicken goes for kes 400 so i make kes 20000 after selling the 50, i'll then buy for 50 younger ones which i'll take care of for another 3 months. they cost kes 100 per chicken, that converts to kes 5000, vaccinations and feeds for the 3 months will cost me 8500, and i make a profit of kes 6500 which i add to my savings.

Loan Proposal

I have been able to expand my business I bought an incubator which has proven to be a money maker for me. I would like to purchase one more to increase the supply to help me meet my clients orders. I will appreciate if you can consider my application and fund and help me grow my business to another level. May God bless you abundantly.

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  • Dean Suminski     May 18, 2017


    Congratulations on paying off your loan! Keep those chickens coming. Yum yum.

  • guenter     Oct 15, 2016


    Rebecca payed back in advance und she kept us informed. Very appreciated!

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Purchase an incubator for my poultry farm

Rebecca Nyangena
Kisii, Kenya, Kenya

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