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Techiman, Ghana

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October 2020

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About Me

My name is Prince Ofori from Ghana I am at the age of 31 years old from a family of four, I am single and a self employed entrepreneur into a micro enterprise, I ventured into entrepreneurship after both parents retired from their teaching jobs infact life became very unbearable , I started with a very small capital that could only purchase a handful of bags of charcoal but I never gave up and that bold step I took has helped myself and my family in so many ways and so I would be grateful if my dear lenders in Zidisha find trust and interest in business by lending me loans to increase my capital and profit base and to also venture into other areas so I can also lend to the needy in the near future. Thank you

My Business

The name of my business is appointed time trading enterprise, which consists of buying and selling charcoal from producers to retailers which was started three(3) years ago with a start up capital of eighteen thousand Ghana cedis. I must confirm is a very good business that has increased my profit base over the years, I would be grateful if lenders of Zidisha come to my aid by lending me money to increase my capital base in other to grow my charcoal business and to venture into other areas. Thank you

Loan Proposal

I would be very grateful if dear lenders will find interest and trust in my business by funding my loan to help me purchase more bags of charcoal from producers to retailers so as to increase my profit margin and to also help boost my business so that I can enter into other areas to make more profit to also in the near future lend to other borrowers who may be in need. I promise to repay the loan in due time I'm counting on your usual support thank you.

Income Source

Charcoal as a product is non perishable therefore the risk involved is almost negligible and buyers are also readily available with money to buy notwithstanding if it faces any other risk will withdraw money from my backup account and repay my dear lenders. Thank you

My Videos

Mar 6, 2021: Introduction to my charcoal business





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Classic Loan

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Dec 15, 2020

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On Time

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4 weeks


Mike and Jacqui

United Kingdom


Paul Graham

United States

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Jan 5, 2021


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