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About Me

I am Nafisatu Akinola.I manage a retail shop in Accra.I hold a certificate in Accounting(ACCA).I would be very happy if I could get investors who will invest in my business and also to expand it.With the expansion,I will employ two more people to help me manage it,that's one in the morning and the other in the evening,so as to increase my profits and also be able to pay back the money to my investors.I hope I have been able to give you enough reason to invest in my business.Thank You.

My Business

My line of business is in retailing of provisions.Most of the items I retail are mostly provisions which are everyday consumables.Some of the things I retail are milk,sugar,Milo,biscuits,soaps,detergents,disinfectants,children's food(cerelac,yumvita etc)tooth brush,tooth paste etc.I started with funds I raised working as an account officer with Laak Consult Limited(I.T firm)With the expansion,I will also employ an account officer to keep records of the goods so that I will be able to pay the investors on time.Thank You.

Loan Proposal

I will purchase inventory for my shop since that is what i deal with. I am also trying to add other products like household items,like spoon ,cups,bowls,kitchen wares to make my business expand better.I will be creating more business opportunity for myself and my community as a whole if most of the items i have stated are available.Most people in my area travel far to get theses items which makes them very exhausted.Selling these things help them reduce stress and save money as well.Since the corona outbreak,things have been generally slow,but we plan to make at least 5-10% increase in profit with what we are planning to add to our business. Thank you.

Income Source

In my earlier submission,i stated that, i will be adding other items to my inventory to make it safer and better to serve my customers better.In recent times,most of my cherished customers have been asking for household utensils which am trying to make it possible with your help.That is why am adding the household items to my inventory to raise another revenue in case am not able to catch up with my loan repayment.





  • David    Sep 16, 2020

    Loan was originally scheduled to four weeks. Some issues were explained on the discussion page and regular payments completed the loan in 10 weeks. Good luck with your business.

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  • Svenip    Jan 12, 2019

    Fully repaid on time, well done!

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Classic Loan

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Feb 19, 2021

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On Time

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2 months



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