Purchase of more chairs and tables for my food kiosk

Dennis Kimai

Kisii, Kenya

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Dennis Kimai

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February 2015

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About Me

My name is Dennis Kimai, a Kenyan citizen aged 29, was born and raised in Kisii town. Went to school in Kisii attending both primary and secondary education. When I finished high school in 2003 I left for Mombasa where I got admitted to Kilifi Technical training College and graduated with a certificate in medical engineering. I tried looking for jobs but couldn’t find one easily because of the qualifications I got a certificate I would meet others with degrees or diploma who would have me out listed from the shortlisted candidates. I have always wanted to do a Diploma and even Degree but money is my main problem. To get to my goal I had to try finding jobs to do which were not of my line of specialization. I had gotten one with Safaricom as a merchandiser. I thought I found a long lasting or permanent job hence starting a family while in Mombasa only to be transferred to Nairobi in 2013 and after the year our contracts were not renewed in 2014.
Living in Nairobi is very expensive and due to lack of income I decided to return home in Kisii. But due to my family I thought of starting a business so as to be able to provide my family and to my one year child giving my family the best I could.

My Business

A food kiosk or small hotel is what I had in mind as I had inherited some piece of land from my parents, and with the land strategically placed near the tarmac and close to a market. Offering my foods to the market vendor’s meals, and passersby too. There is also a stage at the market place hence I get to offer meals too to drivers and conductors before the omnibuses are to leave for their various destinations.
The cost of the business or capital I required was $188.00. This I used to purchase the table $40, chair $ 25 some cutlery $15 the iron sheets $100 which form my walls, and roof. $8 for my miscellaneous expenses. The capital was easily raised from my earlier savings from the jobs I currently had. Though not much because the cost of life keeps on rising daily, and with my family that I have to provide for I saw I will spend the whole money if I cannot put the cash into creating more wealth. This is how I thought of starting a food kiosk and also my passion of cooking would be put into good work.
I serve several Kenyan foods because they are much consumed by the locals here. On average the profit amount I raise per day is $10.00. With these I pay myself $7.00 salary and $3 is what I re-plough into the business translating to re-ploughed profits per month at $90.

Loan Proposal

Given the loan I would like to increase the number of seats from 6 to 15 at a cost of $37.50 and tables from 2 to 4 at a cost of$ 40.00 for my customers to have a number of seats eliminating some who do have to stand while eating. The remaining amount will be spent on purchasing other cutlery at $12.50 and $10 will be spent on miscellaneous expenses.
By having purchased the items above I know my food kiosk will be in a position to make more in terms of profit with my expected profits rising from $10.00 to $20.00. This will assist me in raising the installment money to repay my loan $11.11 every week. When translated to a month this will be






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Classic Loan

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Mar 4, 2015

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On Time

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2 months




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