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Moses Ziba

Mufulira, Zambia

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Moses Ziba

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December 2023

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About Me

I am Moses Ziba , born in the border of town of Zambia in Mufulira in Kantanshi township.
I was born in a poor family of eight. Being the first born of our family, the Life was too hard for us to manage. My father and Mum didn't have a good job but they struggled very hard in order to get us food and pay school fees us.
Through struggling I managed to start enter into school at Mine Primary school . When I passed to secondary school, things got worse and due to lack of school fees, but through perseverance of my parents I managed to complete secondary school and obtained good results and I was selected to go to the University of Zambia and Graduated successfully with bachelor's degree of science in Education.
However, that is how nasty my the story of childhood life and how I overcame hardship. Today am a proud teacher and I also ran my own school in our community because I have the passion to educate the community especially the vulnerable in society, they need our support to unlock their destiny through education of which children in the continent of Africa especially Zambia where poverty has reached alarming level.

My Business

I ran a school in our community where I live. I provide education services and skills to the learners especially vulnerable in society. Education services that I provide is very important and useful in the lives of our children to unlock their potential in life. Through education sensitization, the school has enrolled many children ranging from grade 1 to 7, which is primary level and grade 8 to 12 which secondary level or high school. The response is very overwhelming to most parents in our community as the want their children to get educated and subsequently go the University of Zambia.
Mainly the school need more classroom blocks and so far the school has 5 classroom blocks which will need a total of ZMW 75,000 to construct other classroom blocks.
The school will also need to purchase books, computer equipment, desks and other things to ran the school and ensure the learner have all materials as they under go different courses from primary to secondary school.
The school is indeed profitable as many pupils still need to enroll.

Project Proposal

At least I will need to buy computer desktops in the school computer lab which will cost me ZMW 20000.00 and also the class room desks at ZMW 30,000.00. Due to high enrollment at the school, the learners will be able to learn properly and sit comfortably without inconveniencing each other. The school reputation and the school image will be known to the general public and allow more pupils to come and enroll and the school therefore will increase more revenue for the school for its teachers and some allowances





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Feb 14, 2024


Donald Major

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  • Rune    Feb 16, 2024

    Hi Moses, I am really excited about your project, especially since education is (one of) the main keys for development!
    I would be glad if you keep updating on your progress, and I wish you, your colleagues and students the very best!
    :) Rune

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  • Moses Ziba    Feb 14, 2024

    I have received the funds my backers in MTN payment line, am so grateful to you and I will buy the school computers and the classroom desks to facilitate for more enrolment subsequently start generating more income for the school. Thank you my backers for supporting me in this project am so happy for making progress in this way, thank for your efforts.

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  • Moses Ziba    Feb 14, 2024

    I will buy the computers for the school lab and the classroom desks and this will help me enroll more vulnerable children and around the community and this will help the school and generate more income.Thank you so much my backers for supporting me, am humbled, I will definitely work hard and produce good results to your satisfaction my backers.

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  • Rune    Feb 13, 2024

    Good Luck Moses, and keep up the good work!

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  • Moses Ziba    Feb 10, 2024

    Thank my backers for supporting me, your support for business is yielding results. The school is doing fine and attracting good attention from the community around the school. Most parents now are bringing their children to enroll them for computer lessons and so far the response is very overwhelming. In my new loan proposal am requesting that for support and effort once that I can purchase more computers and classroom desks and enroll more pupils for more income generation at the school.. Thank you for awesome support in advance.

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  • Moses Ziba    Feb 10, 2024

    I did receive the funds, I bought the school with computers in the school lab for the learners for 2024 and also the classroom desks. Hence the learners are all happy at the school and the enrolment is very overwhelming. I would like to thank you my lenders for helping me push the school to another level.

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  • Moses Ziba    Feb 4, 2024

    I will buy some computers for the school lab and class room desks, It will help me and the learners to sit properly and have more time to learn about computers lessons. Thank you so much my lenders for your awesome support and effort.

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  • Moses Ziba    Jan 30, 2024

    I never thought this not real not until tried it. So thankful my backers for supporting me in this project. My school project is now progressing after helping me to buy classroom desks and requirements the school needed. In my second loan I hope you will help me the way you did with my first loan. Zidisha is the way to go in Zambia and some parts of African to help the vulnerables in entrepreneurship today. May Zidisha live long. Thank you so much in advance my backers

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  • Moses Ziba    Jan 22, 2024

    I did receive the funds in my MTN mobile money after expediting the loan, I bought the school equipment such as computers in the school computer lab and classroom desks. I thank you my backers for your efforts for supporting me in this project.

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  • Moses Ziba    Jan 20, 2024

    I will purchase school equipment and classroom desks, it will help me the school ran smoothly and the learners benefit by acquiring good skills.
    Thank you my lenders for supporting me.

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