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Machakos, Kenya

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January 2017

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Hello, since i was a young kid i fell in love with computers. This created a passion in me of being a programmer and learning how software's work. I closed the business i had of selling second hand cloths to join a college where i got a certification in Cisco networking [ccna], which included programming as a side unit.
after school i managed to raise some amount and bought a desktop computer and started Freelancing in Upwork.com.
My aim is to be the best programmer and help mentor people who want to join this business of coding.
Am a fanatic of sports and in my past time i enjoy play games such as Table tennis and basketball as my hobbies.

My Business

I work as a freelancer in Upwork because I believe the world is changing into a global village where Freelancing will be the next being thing providing employment to millions of people around the globe. Am currently earning from Upwork one of the biggest sites that provide freelancers with an opportunity to earn.

Loan Proposal

Due to the nature of my work which is more prone to online attacks from viruses and hackers, am purposing to purchase an Antivirus to protect my work. In the past, I have been using free antivirus software which is good but doesn't offer full protection. The price is $9.98 for three users-Panda Antivirus.
Thank you in advance.





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Classic Loan

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Apr 24, 2018

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On Time

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4 weeks


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States


New York, NY, United States


Victor Zuanazzi

Brazilia, Brazil

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May 4, 2018


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