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Rufus Macharia

Bahati, Kenya

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Rufus Macharia

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December 2012

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37 installments  •  30%

About Me

My name is Rufus Macharia Mwangi. I am a married man and a father of 2 children.My children are both in pre- primary school.I studied up to class eight and later ventured into business.I started a small shop which i have been undertaking and is now developing. My shop is located in Bahati Center a place which has a large population with few shops thus enabling me become a successful Business man. I have been in the business for about 10 years.The money i obtain from my business as profit is ploughed back to enable me grow my business.I also purchase cereals and later cell them at better prices earning me huge profits. i also pay school fees for my children and provide both rent and food for my family.the rest helps in paying water and electricity bills and covering other expenses for my family.i also save a little to enable me get a plot of my own and build my own home and business stalls.I feel happy having been able to move from the interior and coming to the center where i can open up and satisfy the needs of my family.
My wife and i run the business jointly as we are both self employed.

My Business

i am a business man and mainly deal with shopkeeping.i sell various food and other household goods. I mainly obtain my goods from various wholesalers in Nakuru Town e.g. the Biashara Wholesalers.i then sell them at retail prices to the high population that lives in my neighbourhood.my monthly profit is at least 20,000 shillings a month. this includes 3000 for house rent, 1000 for electricity bills and 500 for water bills.there is also a 2800 yearly fee paid to the city council for the running of the business.
i also sell cereals like maize, wheat and beans. A sack of maize is currently selling at 2300 during this harvesting season but prices will rise in January when children will be going back to school.Purchasing Maize during this season will enable me maximize profits in January- April season.I have also purchased beans and stored them waiting for the right time to sell.as for the wheat i am currently purchasing it and it is costing about 2600 per sack.the selling of cereals will enable me improve my business for the next year.

Loan Proposal

hi lenders,
thanks a lot for the other loan that you offered me. at the moment my business is flourishing and i hope for more with your continued assistance. am kindly requesting for another loan to purchase more cereal product stock. this product at the moment is on high demand and this will create an opportunity for my business to develop. due to this i will be able to re-pay the loan on time. thanks in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 2, 2014

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6 months




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