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Douglas Asiwome - Senahia

Accra, Ghana

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Douglas Asiwome - Senahia

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June 2015

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About Me

My name is Douglas Asiwome-Senahia
I’m the last to a family of eleven four girls and seven boys, not being selfish, I had the policy of meeting other peoples need,and seeing another person satisfied was my happiness. But also,I knew all this would not come to bare without one having a solid foundation for him/herself or being firmly rooted educationally, morally and financially. But of course if I had a well built foundation as wished, my future would have been a dream come true, yet i have my hopes surely high whiles the grace of God is ever sufficient.
I am currently working and looking forward to a fulfilling future, where I can say my dream of satisfying other people’s needs is taking place.

My Business

I`m the marketing coordinator in the Central/Western and Greater Accra region for SAGE LITERARY HOUSE (A book publishing company) apart from just the sale of books, I also host and fund a reading/ writing and illustration competition for my client schools in all the regions I operate. The competition named Sage Literary Talent is designed to inculcate a good reading habit in school children and that is as part of our ongoing effort to championing a reading revolution in our dear nation Ghana.
Having this as stake, I deem it necessary to invest more money into running the competition to foster the program to a successful patronage and to the benefit of all.

Project Proposal

I intend to use the load I have applied for to fund a reading project in my community. Reading has always been the foundation to continuous learning and a tool for accessibility to information in this 21st century. However, many of the students in my community can hardly read and as a result of that, do not perform well in their academic pursuit. I am privileged to have acquired the skill of teaching the skill of reading but lack resources to implement a pilot program for schools within my community. I therefore hope to attain or rather, prove my integrity and credibility in my attitude of paying back my loan when I am giving the opportunity so to increase my credit status for loan to enable me use the loan for the purpose for which I need it for. Thank you.






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Pay It Forward

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May 25, 2022

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Service fee: $3.42


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Hwidiem Brong - Ahafo Region, Ghana

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Bida, Nigeria

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