Rebuilding 2009 Mazda Bongo for sale

Dickson Michatha

Athi River, Kenya

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Dickson Michatha

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February 2024

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About Me

i am a 53 year old bachelor of arts graduate from the university of Nairobi where I graduated in 1994.i worked in two organizations since I left college and the last one was 5 years in television advertising. I am separated with two adult college going children. I have been self employed since 2001 and have done several business ventures in several African countries. I moved to gimu area after the athi river underpass last year in November.

My Business

I am currently selling car spare parts for BMW and Mercedes Benz cars, I buy ,fix and sell used cars .due to financial constraints and challenges brought about by covid19 and Kenya's economic downturns I operate from home but have rented space elsewhere and also work form my associates' garages in landimawe and Langata. the cars i sell are also displayed at various car sale yards and at the Sunday car bazaar at jamhuri. most Kenyans cannot afford new cars and most buy second hand cars' used the profits from my business for personal upkeep and also cater for upkeep and college fees for my children,

Project Proposal

I bought the above vehicle on an auction but it need lots of repairs to be in a saleable state.i will use the money to fix the front number&front corner lights & replace the taillights too.this is my first major project along my main area of business & hope to pull it through in three days





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Pay It Forward

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Date disbursed

Mar 20, 2024


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  • Ruth    May 16, 2024

    I hope you make good use of the money and repay on time to help others. All the best

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  • Dickson Michatha    May 3, 2024

    Due to unavoidable circumstances I wasn't able to finish my project as earlier planned 100% but did panel beating & welding of the van floor.i am now bale to start the spay painting if the weather is favourable

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  • Dickson Michatha    Mar 20, 2024

    It's a huge project but have called it to first phase of buying windscreen,fix front & rear bumpers.this will make the vehicle easier to sell&attract buyers.thanks for making the first phase of my project really successful

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  • Dickson Michatha    Mar 17, 2024

    My uninterruptible power supply (ups) rebuilding went very.i was able to deliver the two upss to my client & was paid.i made a reasonable profit & was able to meet my financial obligations & this has added a balance & certainly to my life.

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  • Dickson Michatha    Mar 9, 2024

    Hello my funders & thanks a lot for supporting my project.i will buy the two uninterruptible power supply (upss)&the batteries.
    The profit from selling the upss will help in replenishing my working capital & pay my bills.
    Thanks so much for giving me a fishing rod to catch my own fish -be blessed

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  • Dickson Michatha    Mar 4, 2024

    thanks alot for funding my project.the bmw e46 is due to be apid end of this week and i will get both the amount i used to repair and respray the bumpers and the 2 percent commission for selling the vehicle.this amount made a huge difference and made a big boost to my working capital and other personal expenses

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  • Dickson Michatha    Feb 18, 2024

    thanks so much for funding my project.i am going to buy a fiber repair kit,bumper repair cosumables and a paitn kit to fix and repair the front and rear bumpers for the bmw e46 for ti to be saleable before the end of the month.
    after the project is succesfully executed the more than 5 customers who had expressed interest in buying the bimmer will buy it and we iwll gwt a 2 per cent commision from the sale plus the bumper repair costs with a 15 percent mark up.
    thank you so much for funding my project.

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  • Dickson Michatha    Feb 13, 2024

    The disbursement amount helped me pay for the fixing & repainting if the rims.the set of rims were paid for this morning.i am very excited & happy that I was able to complete the project in time thanks to the funding

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  • Dickson Michatha    Feb 7, 2024

    hello my dear members and thanks a lot for funding my project. the project will help me add value to the rims and get a better value for them and the cash will greatly improve my cash flow.
    thanks a lot for making my project to take off successfully

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