Computer for my music recording studio

Millan Nanjero
Nairobi, Kenya
Invited By: Bede Tebino
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Volunteer Mentor: Ruth Achieng'

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Amount Requested: $646.00
Still Needed: $407.00
Application Expires: Apr 30, 2017
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 4 months
Cost of Loan: $32.07
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5% of $646.00 = $32.07

About Me

Bio: Born in a place called korogocho, Nairobi Kenya reggae recording artist, reggae DJ and a personal trainer, Tae-kwon-do, aerobics and weight training, after school high started competing in boxing and Tae-kwon-do to earn a living, became a bouncer in a local club, got interested in music DJ and singing, there after was introduced in aerobics and gym training, now slowly building a recording studio to be able to produce more music, Africa is my mother land, full of arts that need promotion and motivation, i do not have children yet, my hobbies gym training and watching movies, at the moment i work in a leading radio station in Kenya as a DJ,

My Business

i am a reggae DJ and an reggae artist, working on a new album that hopefully should come out by the end of this year, my business eventually i want to be able to help and mentor upcoming artists, i live close to a slum and i see so many youths waste away, i want to build a state of the art recording studio, the best in Africa and be able to help those that cannot afford to record their music

Loan Proposal

Hi, i want to start by thanking all my donors and zidisha for making it possible for me to experience growth in my business, As i continue to expand my business i would like to let you know that i need to buy amplifier, sound card and other accessories for my vocal processing, i also need to start working on my studio desk which will need a microphone and a stand, two speaker monitors, a computer Macintosh and a keyboard for building tracks, i will also require two guitars bass and solo to start with and a drum set, i need saxophones trumpets and shakers, this is an estimate investment of about 3 thousand dollars, i will buy what i can buy for now by help of my donors, i really take this opportunity to thank my donors and zidisha in advance for promoting my business and making it possible for me to grow, God bless you all so much and keep you safe.

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Computer for my music recording studio

Millan Nanjero
Nairobi, Kenya

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