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About Me

Am Samwel ochieng otieno, a resident from Alego Usonga, Siaya County.. A Bachelor of Agriculture graduate from Egerton University Nakuru. I am Second last born in a family of seven. My father was a farm assistant manager at Dominion Farms in Siaya.It this Agriculture that has made it easier for all our siblings to be graduates in different fields of profession.
Transparency and honesty are the key award for economic growth.
I strongly believe in social change philosophy through community organizing, social activism and political advocacy to balance the economic disparity.
I support civil and Human rights, peace and nonviolence,anti-poverty strategies, environmental justice, challenges to international trade and privatization, education and healthcare access.
I believe that no matter the race, colour, religion,ethnicity, background history, everyone deserves a better gauge in the meter of humanity.I advocate for sing to the loudest the "concept of Ubuntu".
In future time limit lies within my started struggle, I hope to hear someone mention my name and identity for support I am striving to give.
Having been raised from humble background, I I make a stop each day to tell the world those who supported me when my stars were dimming...A day support, one hand touch regained my hope with the world that somebody great could you greater and when the journey is destinied together ,we end with greatest emblem on our faces. Together for and as one.
I do love and get driven by a popular magazine, Men's Health.There is an article that cited an experiment that was conducted by Harvard psychologist.In the experiment, a group of 16 elderly men were recruited to live in a monastery for a week. Half of them were instructed to reminisce about the year 1959, a year of their youth; while the other half actually lived like it was 1959.They watched the same Tv shows, listened to same music, talked about that era's world events; and doing all this like it actually was in the present and not many decades in the past.
At the end of the week, those who lived like it was 1959 scored better on a number of tests, and we're rated by observers as actually looking younger than their counterparts who only reminisced about the same year.
The conclusion of this experiment therefore was, IF YOU THINK AND ACT AS THOUGH YOU ARE HEALTHY,THEN YOU WILL ACTUALLY BECOME HEALTHY ;If you think and act like you good at something, you will become just that.
Given chance... Sooner I will start my journey start my studies in Microbiology in eager support study to global agenda programmes on Anti-microbial resistance research particularly in developing countries.
Later on still medicine, I hopefully gear my studies for Medical Physics on global campaign cancer treatment methods.

My Business

Having worked in larger Farms such as Delamare in Naivaisha, Maningi and Potco Farms in Uyoma, Holo-Gem Farms in Gem, I managed to get funds from cumulatively Saved salaries which in addition to support funds from friends acquired a land along River Yala. Currently the farm sits on 10acre land ;6 Acres succession and 4Acres leasing terms.Production involves Kales (suka wiki), local vegetables suchs Black Night shade, Dhania ,Spider plant, Amaranth, Cowpeas,Jews Mallow. Also produced is Reddish and Sweet bananas,Green banana And cucumbers,and Passion fruits...These produces are sold to local residents, Schools in Bondo,Gem,Kisumu and Siaya subcounties and Traders within business centres.
Additionally...I am in the process of expanding the dairy milk production as I have two dairy cows .
At the heart of my business,lies the dedication in ensuring that everyone enjoys good nutrition by presenting a heritage of quality products.

Project Proposal

Dear Enterprenuers,
I am planning to replace my timber-iron seheet gate with modern standardize gate.
I want to give an entry to my farm best and good looking environment that is attractive.
I request funds to enable me buy cement, Gravel and metal rods.
Additional amount to enable me complete my installments payment for the welding process.





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Kisumu, Kenya


Mombasa, Kenya

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  • Samwel    Apr 6, 2023

    I will buy insecticides from Agrovet.
    I will be able to make timely response to avoid the damages alarming.
    Thank You Shervin and Jenny.i appreciate your support.

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  • Samwel    Apr 5, 2023

    Thank You My backers for the support you gave me. I completed the project and by now I have a semi modern calf pen.
    I am great full for the zidisha community for the remarkable support to connect me to my colleague Enterprenuers. Thank You alot.

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  • Samwel    Feb 24, 2023

    I request to adjust my repayment of the next two installments....I have done two projects concurrently and will require some little time to acquire funds from the sales yet to begin..

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  • Samwel    Feb 21, 2023

    I managed to get the 8 iron sheets from the hardware and 2 Second hand. I also bought 1000ft wall support timber and 100ft chemically treated roof timber, 30ft fierce board total length of timber.Also bought nails at 5kg 4 inches,7kg 3inches and 3kg roofing nails.
    For Today..The measurements demarcation has been done. Thank you My backers for the support.

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  • Samwel    Feb 17, 2023

    I will buy normal 10 iron sheets.
    I will cost share to acquire more timber needed.
    Collins Oduor,Fatimah Sitirosye and Ochieng Rama... Thank You for the support.I appreciate.

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  • Samwel    Feb 17, 2023

    Thank you Zidisha team..I managed to get the fertilizers. The yied is so good.I managed to get a new contract from a nearby primary school because the supply has increased...Am greatly thankful for the support.I look forward to be supported again.

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  • Samwel    Feb 9, 2023

    A benchmark visit to Gem Madeya farm.This has driven my curiosity to get more information on this and understand the practical perspective on the other side of my farm along River Yala.
    This is a goat breed of North Eastern gala male goats and Western Kenya local female goats.

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  • Samwel    Jan 16, 2023

    Delay in cheque payment from the customers....The schools are planning to resume soon for the start of new term... Message received from the accountant request for chance to be given time for audits and cheque processing.

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  • Samwel    Jan 13, 2023

    I was able to complete the my first stage of my project today Friday.

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  • Samwel    Jan 10, 2023

    These are the seedlings to transplanted by Friday evening.

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  • Samwel    Jan 8, 2023

    Dear Mr.Vesa,Mr.Andrew Bake and Mr. Emanuele..I am glad to say thank you for the support.I am going to buy the fertilizers enough to expand my farm produce ,an increase from last harvest. Thanks again for your help.

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