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Douglas Mwema

Kenyatta University, Kenya

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Douglas Mwema

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April 2017

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22 installments  •  77%

About Me

I'm Douglas Mwema aged 32years old. I started my schooling back in the year 1990. I had to repeat in nursery and standard one because I was not such clever. But in the year 1993 when I repeated class one,I had to wake up and work extra hard. Since that time up to form three I never repeated any class. But in the year 2004,I sat for my form four examination and scored a B-(minus). I decided to repeat so that I score a good grade which can enable me enter the university direct. Unfortunately,I scored the same grade in the year 2005. In the year 2007,I moved to town to look for some job which can sustain me. I landed on a job and I stayed there for one month since I had secured another job in Mombasa Kenya which was well being compared to the previous one. I stayed in the job for two and half years and decided to quit so that I can join college. I joined the college in mid 2010 whereby I enrolled myself in a business course. I took the course for one year and in the year 2013 I joined Kenyatta University as a self sponsored student. Prior to my joining Kenyatta University,I was doing bodaboda( transport) business since I had to provide for my family because I was married. I joined the University in May 2013 and whenever I was off for my holiday,I kept doing the business until now that I completed my university education this month. I'm now waiting for my graduation. Since I know how profitable is my bodaboda business,I'm still doing it untill such a time I will get employment. The cost of running the bodaboda business is relatively affordable because you only need to carry out the service on the Motorbike twice a month. I normally make Ksh1000 per day and the owner of the motorbike takes Ksh400 and I remain with Ksh600. So I roughly make Ksh18000 per month(600×300). I use part of my income to pay for my son's school fees who is currently in class nursery in one of the private schools in my area of residence. I also use part of my income to furnish my houses with furniture,like now for the last 5months I have been able to buy two coffee tables and a number of chairs. I'm also planning to start a small business for my hardworking wife. I'm hoping to raise Ksh50000 for the next five months so that I can start a small shop for my wife. It is my hope that her business is also going to do well so that we can be able to easily finance our children's education. if all goes well,I'm planning to enroll for my Masters degree mid next year so that I can be able to compete favourably in the job market since there is a very high competition nowadays in the job market.

My Business

My main source of income is from the bodaboda business. I started the bodaboda business in the year 2013 when I was almost joining Kenyatta University. Since then,I have carrying out my bodaboda business during holidays. I normally have to do this because I have a family I need to take of. Since I completed my university education this month after the four year struggle,I have to embark on my business full time because I I have my son who is in class nursery and he needs school fees. I'm also planning to diversify my business by opening a small shop for my hardworking wife Lilian. I normally use my income to pay for my son's rent and also to furnish my house with the necessary furniture such as tables and chairs. Like in the last five months I have been able to buy two coffee tables and also a number of chairs.

Project Proposal

I will use the funds raised to in order to increase the stock of my fast moving goods so that I can increase my profits through higher rate of stock turnover. I'm looking forward to benefit from you once again. Thank you all.





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Pay It Forward

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Nov 18, 2023


Sinan Taifour

Munich, Germany, Germany

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