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Leonard Ngetich

Kajiado, Kenya

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Leonard Ngetich

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December 2014

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About Me

My name is Leonard Ngetich, a resident of Emwe in the outskirts of Kajiado town. l am 29 years of old and married with two daughters.l am the first born in a family of six .
I grew up in the rural Kuresoi area in Molo- Nakuru county where I have a small farm.
Due to financial challenges, I could not study beyond form four and life has not been easy.
Two years ago, I started cultivating a small parcel of land that was idle at home and it has since been helping me feed my family. I emphasize in Irish potatoes that do well in our area. I recently got a short term casual job in Kajiado where I am currently residing and so my wife has been managing the farm lately.
I love watching movies and sports during my free time.

My Business

I am a farmer and I produce Irish potatoes for sale and home consumption. The crop is one of the stable food in our area and therefore has a good constant market.
We plant three times in a year and the peak season is the one culminating in December-January. I often propagate the seeds myself but often take time.
I recently harvested the first section of the farm and I would like to plant soon to take advantage of the short rains that have just started. Therefore I am planning to purchase seeds that have already sprout this time to save on time

Loan Proposal

To save on time and take advantage of the short rains that have just started, I would like to purchase ready Irish potato seeds- seeds that have already sprout for planting right away. I have just harvested the first part and may take a few weeks to sell.
I would therefore use the $100 loan on purchasing the seeds.
The loan will enable me to do a timely early planting while saving on time and resources which in turn will help me maintain and increase profits. I produce I am harvesting and the ones I plan to harvest in the course January will assist me in repaying the loan in time, save for more investments and family upkeep.





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Classic Loan

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Dec 22, 2014

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27 months



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