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Accra, Ghana

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Iam called Francis Akpenyo from Ghana west Africa.33 years old now.Iam Senior High School Graduates.So due to lack of finance, lam not able to continue my education to tertiary level.However l have an interest in doing business.I know that with determinations and hard work I will surely become financial stable and then live a life of my choice.Thank you.

My Business

The nature of my business lam currentlyoperating is a small store that I have opened and I am selling building materials to building contractors in my area.I have realized that in my area there is high demand of building materials because it's new developing area and currently my business is doing good better.But I therefore need a little push to expand my business ,that is why lam here applying for this loan.I know for the fact that obtaining loan from zidisha for certain amount of time would help me have a strong established business which will keep driving me more profits to take good care of myself and the family in the near future.

Loan Proposal

I will be using the loans to do buy and sell of Hardwares to my customers .My store is situated in a place where demand of construction materials are highly.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 12, 2019

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3 weeks


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Apr 7, 2019


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