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About Me

My name is Jimmy Mwape and am 27 years of age. I come from a humble background. I live in the city of Lusaka town in Zingalume compound. I started my primary school at George Central Basic School.
Although I grew up with my parents my childhood life was very hard. But despite all that I went through with hard work work academic studies, I selected to go to Munali High School and completed my Secondary Education.

After completion of my secondary course I found it hard to get a job hence; due to scarcity of employment hence I became an entrepreneur and started to run a small business to help my parents and my siblings to pay for their their school fees. When I heard of Zidisha online loan through friend who invited me, I got interested to apply for the loan.
Zambia is a unique country in Southern Africa because the country is peace since she got her independence in 1964 and the land is blessed with natural resources and its colourful traditional ceremonies which attracts most foreign national and tourist who come to visit Zambia.
My hobby is I love swimming, travelling and watching football. Some day should I have children I would love my children to go to the University and graduate with degrees and go beyond that in their academic qualifications.

My Business

The main source of income is from mobile money service business which is my core business and I generate good profits out of the business both weekly and monthly earnings.

I ran Airtel, MTN Mobile Money, FNB, Zam kwacha and Zanaco express , I provide mainly mobile money services and I sell all phone accessories, phone covers and screen protectors, battery chargers, phone head sets, blue tooth and different types of smart phones.

I choose this business because it highly profitable and sustainable, my family is provided with food and home essentials , pay house rentals and reinvests money into the business to make it grow and expand and above pay school fees for my children and those of my siblings.
Besides that the other profits to the savings I pay trading licences for the business and improve on the living standard and expansion of the business.

Project Proposal

With the funds raised from this loan, I need to buy more smart phones and phone accessories at my mobile money outlet because they are selling very fast and demand has increased. Hence I would like to take advantage of this opportunity when demand is high so that I generate more profits. From these smart phones and phone accessories the expected profits is 100%. Should these funds be received I will appreciate so much to you my backers because my business growing and expanding.





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