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Alice Mwanza

Lusaka, Zambia

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Alice Mwanza


Lusaka, Zambia

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About Me

My name is Alice Mwanza a mother of 5 children, I live in the city of Lusaka in John leigh compound. I completed my high school and I could not further my education due to lack of funds as I did not have any one to sponsor because I lost both parents. Later I joined an organization called women's league were I learnt skills of entrepreneurship and to become a successful entrepreneur or business lady. After the trainings I was awarded a certificate in entrepreneur business.

Today I am a business lady and I have managed to defeat some challenges of hardships. From my the business am able to pay school bills and have decent meals for my family. My vision is to see to it that my children get better education and go to the Universities. During my free time I love singing especially at church and one of my hobbies is to encourage my fellow women in our community to work hard and become productive and self-reliance.

My Business

I have a shop at Comesa Market and my shop is located on first floor on shop no. 30 B. I sell a variety of good in my shop and these are a variety spices, drinks, food staffs such as chicken & chips, nshima, sausage & chips, fish, scorns, flitters, samosas and meat pies. Because of the market were am conducting my business there is high demand and my goods sell very fast The cost of these goods in my shops amounts to K 35,000.00 and weekly profits is about K 7,000.00. The profit I generate weekly I use them for reinvestments in business, pay school fees for my children and home improvement.
Therefore, am looking at having more capital to boost the business of spices and increase more stocks. These spices are highly in demand and more funds are needed for me to help me grow the business.

Project Proposal

With the funds am raising I would like to buy more spices in my shop as these spices are moving like hot and I would like to take advantage of demand and generate more profits to grow the business. In addition to that I would like also to buy more drinks, flour for baking more meat pies, samosas and flitters because they are consumable daily. This will give me increase my profit revenue per day. At the moment I generate 650 ZMW per day, should I buy more raw materials am expected to generate 850 ZMW per day of which per week, I will be able to increase my profits to 5750 ZMW.

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May 12, 2022: Business lady





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May 14, 2022

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Austine Mwambula

Mazabuka, Zambia



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