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Jared Oyuga

Malaba, Kenya

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Jared Oyuga

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February 2018

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About Me

brought up in a small village in kimilili in bungoma county where i also completed my education from primary to secondary level.
i was brought up in a poligamous family hence scarce resources so i grew up through a lot of hardship .
i went through college after years of struggle and got employed at the a local drug store 
i moved to my current location to look for greener pastures where i hustled for years before opening my own phamacy
the original community has been very welcoming that i have blended with them socially and business wise
i want my children to have the best that i never had and not to go thruogh what i went through to succeed in life
i pass my free time reading articles and blogs online

My Business

i own a pharmacy that deals with sale of medicines and other drugs for both human and animal usage...more of a drug store.
these goods are important because every living thing needs good health care...this is very essential and basic in any community so it is highly on demand.
i chose this because it is both profitable and grows in a short span of time but out of it all i did it for passion ever since childhood i always wanted to be a doctor but ended up a pharmacist.
i incur costs like the local government permit and transportation cost for supplies from my distributor among other small payments and bill like morguage and electricity.
i use part of the profits to educate my kids and plough back the rest to my business...i also venture in agriculture

Loan Proposal

To improve the ready existing drug shop to serve more people especially during these time ( the rain season ) when malaria becomes a major problem. Also add some nets in stock to prevent the same malaria. in doing so I will have made abrake through in making more profits.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 17, 2018

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $0.86

Credit risk payment: $1.74




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Apr 2, 2018


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