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Robert Butiko

Eldoret, Kenya

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Robert Butiko

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March 2019

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About Me

"Sacrifice pays and Education is the key to success", this were the words from my late Grandfather. He emphasized these two statements to make sure they were vividly stuck in my brains, and yes they did. I knocked into this world and quite unfortunate in a poor background I was natured. nothing was sweet like education to me. with the support of my paternal grandfather, I was sure to alter the situation at home. I was presented in Mbajo Primary school where I learnt with total difficulties, with mistreat from my grandmother, nothing could deter me from achieving the best out of my life. a times I would come late from school with my brother but to be welcomed with no food for sapper or heavy duties till late, not forgetting house chores being our daily norm. Despite all these including sleeping outside for lateness, we encouraged one another to forge ahead. By so doing, we emerged top performers in our class of 2009 where we qualified to prestigious secondary schools. Out of which I attain Division two. Since I was passionate in doing medicine, I applied for the same in Kenya Medical Training College but lucked funds for my fees even after securing a chance. So I decided to take a different path and that is creation of employment, I went in for Accounts and Finance, a seemed cheaper course but still my father, who had now lost his job which used to support me a times. I then decided to go in for computer short courses which I surely learnt a lot. I used to educate myself from online PDFs and even google terms, thanks to my smartphone. after a while I joint a college and did my papers in SPSS, COMPUTER PACKAGES AND QUICK BOOKS where I had Distinction, Distinction and Credit one respectively. This did not deter me from being medical practitioner. I ensued a employing someone in a cyber cafe I had opened and joined KMTC to pursue clinical medicine
in 2019. Today as a graduate and medical attendant. I wish to further support my fellow young aspiring youths who face challenges by standing in to give them little jobs as I was offered and even better pay that can sustain their education process. I wish to run a health facility and other SME thank to zidisha team that helped grow and sustain my entities to which today I stand tall. Kudos

My Business

I quickly got employed in a given primary to teach computer packages and thus is where I harnessed capital to start my chemist. From there I bought every two weeks a computer due to stable flow of income. Right now I own a Cyber cafe and a Chemist. I am just doing my ref regulations for Clinical Medicine and Sugary so that I may expand too my wings and own hospitals and a Computer and Related Softwares Company. All the profits I used to make, I would plough it back into the businesses to expand my services I have four employees, two in a cyber and two in a chemist well qualified and professional in what they do. Once I qualify for higher funds, as my aim is the Million plus limit, Thanks to Zidisha, I have seen my limit grow very fast. i am certain you will help me expand and mutually gain interest in your credits as i work towards paying on time. so that I may open new branches and expand the existing ones to deliver quality and fast services. currently I am saving funds which will also see me educated to higher grades to acquire managerial skills to properly man my companies in processing and even be a professor. The sky is the limit. Today I talk with zeal and quest to open a bigger and expand the current chemist. I wish to now own a health center that can give primary health to locals and a very affordable price and even help the needy access this facilities that seem heaven to them. This is what I long for . Your teamwork is what I would need than ever. Thank you for standing with me during my lowest point in life. Now that's I am on my boots again. I wish to step every stone to get to the top without leaving anyone behind.

Project Proposal

I am looking forward to getting this loan in order for me to expand the business and attract more customers. Currently there is a trend in the market where customers go for services from a well equiped facilities. With this trend, I wish to be a head of time and equip the current business with more stock. This will play a major role in even increasing sales volume for products asked by customers that I may lack. On top of that, it is important in ensuring that I attract this customers who are pulled by well equiped and stocked outlets. There is also a trend where referrals from other customers come in due to good services, this therefore will help me stay on top of the game in the market and maintain or increase the number of my customers for better sales.





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Pay It Forward

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Feb 9, 2024


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Ngong, Kenya, Kenya

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Brasília, Brazil

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