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Apam, Ghana

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June 2021

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16 installments  •  63%

About Me

I am a 30 years old young man hailing from the eastern part of Ghana from a family of 4. my mom at a was a trader and anytime she returns she gave us items to go and sell on our head. we return and account for she those bought , left over and the money we brought . any time i make a loss my mom will scold me and says ' You will not have chop money for school for one week and you will be selling each day after school'. she will later call me aside when the dust settles and tell me " this is all we have and if we do not keep it well with much vigilance we are doomed.
day in day out she kept sending me out to go and sell , along the way i will be always reciting the price of each tomatoes , garden eggs, salted fish etc, so that i will not miss .
i completed Junior high, and soon after that i needed to quickly fit into the family tradition of BUSINESS.

My Business

i am a mobile money vendor in my community. i happened to be the first to establish this business in my community hence i have a lot of customers. i have added a small pub at the back of my vending store where people pass by and grab a bottle of drink and pastries.
this business has help me earn money to buy new set of plastic chairs and tables for my customers to feel comfortable when they purchase from me.
this is business.

Loan Proposal

In my previous loan application, the purpose was to purchase for myself a display fridge.
The amount I received was not able to get me the fridge, rather I added to my capital to get more soft drinks kn my already existing non display fridge.

Currently we are experiencing the rainy season which makes the weather very cold with less sunshine.
This reduce consumption of cold drinks hence the need to quickly work out a new project that will get customers still visiting.

I started a hot breakfast corner where I serve, hot tea and coffee on the go for all passersby.
This is my new breakthrough in this season!
Due to the strategic location of my container, alot of people pass by to get a cup of coffee or tea as they move to work.

I call on lender to help me get these items to keep my Hot breakfast joint running: disposable cups, milk, coffee, varieties of tea bugs papper bags.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 30, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months


Babbitt Family Foundation

Reno, United States

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