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Peter Ngure

Juja, Kenya

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Peter Ngure

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September 2014

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About Me

I am the first born in a family of 6 siblings. 2 girls and 4 boys, after I completed my secondary studies I didn't proceed due to lack of funds, so I joined a carpentry course and became a Carpenter. I started saving from small earning I was getting out of Carpentry work which was also very scarce, and in the year 2010, I shifted from that work and was employed as a motor bike rider popularly known as "BODABODA" to be carrying passenger from their respective homes to the main stage so that they can board vehicles to their various areas of their work. After working resiliently for 2 years I bought my first motor bike in the year 2012 and continued with the same job as mine. I have been able to meet my basic needs out of this business.

My Business

The business am still engaging in is operating a "BODABODA" or motor cycle transport services. At pick hours mostly morning and evening when people are going to and out of work, am able earn approximately 1000 Kshs and during the day when there is no many people moving am able to earn 500 Kshs on average; so at the end of the day on average I earn 1500 Kshs, that is approximately 15 dollars, when I less expenses for fuel and upkeep of around 600 am left with 900 Kshs, approximately 10 dollars. My plan is to secure a loan from Zidisha and maintain BODABODA garage to be doing servicing and also selling spare parts such as tires, lubricant oils and tube during the off-peak hours of the day to supplement the little earning I get from the "BodaBoda" business. With the earning I get form the current business, I can conveniently be able to pay back my loan as I invest the money on loan to expand, My dream has been to expand so as I can be able to assist my parents to educate our other siblings who are now in primary advance classes and in early classes in secondary school.I would like to became a champion entrepreneur in order to challenge youths to invest in to self employment instead of blaming the government for unemployment.
currently I doing well in my Motor bike garage business hoping to upload picture for my lenders to see my progress soon.
Thank you all, Thank you Zidisha

Loan Proposal

This is the way am planning to spend my loan if successful.
1. Buying of 8 tyres @ 1800 each = 14400 KES
2. Buying of 5 Tubes @ 400 each = 2000 KES
3. Buying of 10 brake shoe @ 150 each = 1500 KES
4. Buying of 10 Reflectors @ 100 each = 1000 KES
5. Buying of 50 Bearing @ 100 each = 5000 KES

Total = 23900KES

Thank you all, Thank you Zidisha.






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 21, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

11 months



Paul Graham

United States

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