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Samuel Gitonga

Nairobi, Kenya

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Samuel Gitonga

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June 2014

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About Me

My name is samwel mwiathi.I come from a family from a family of 4.My sister and both parents.My sister has a boy child who is ophaned.I am a haedworking ,humble,generous and primary education im Millenium school in my village and joined Ikuu high school and later joined Mt Kenya university and did a course in clinical medicine and surgery. After my completion of my course my course am now volunteering at clinic why i get a thousand per week for transport and lunch allowance. During my free time i speed visiting the sick in there homes and offer them help and advise.The time i speed with has made me earn there trust and now i have i group of diabetic patient who i supply with medication which i buy at a cost of 28.8477$ per dose at wholesale and supply at 38.0343$. I have advantage over the chemist because i offer free consultation and offer them homevisit and examine them to detect complication early.The number client are increasing and i need more cash to cater for the demand and also offer home services for other disease such hypertension.

My Business

If am given the money i will pay from saving from the weekly allowance which i get from the clinic.I also get money from the supply of the drugs which is a profitable venture since i buy them at a wholesale price of 28.8477$ and sell at 38.0343$ which is a profit of 11.1866$ per client.i have advantage over other because my knowledge in medicine help me offer free consultation and examination which help detect complication and treat them.The cost of the drugs is the same in chemist where other patient buy and they do not offer consultation.The homevist makes me meet patient at there convinient time and they do not have to queue for long in clinic for consultation..The challege is lack of capital to buy the drugs with the increasing demand and the tight schedule of the time of supply of drugs is hard if i do not av cash because the patient must have the drug at all time.i use by profit in helping my family and the poor in my community

Loan Proposal

I will buy more more supply for the drugs and try to buy a motorcycle so that I can be able to visit more patient and cut on transport cost.i.will buy more glucostk to be able to test my patient so that and be able to manage my patient well.l am am asking for your support so that I can be able to help more people






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 28, 2016

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On Time

Projected term

75 months

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Service fee: $21.09




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