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Abubakar Chika

Sokoto, Nigeria

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Abubakar Chika

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June 2019

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About Me

I am into textiles material business both female and male wears for more than thirty years, I have experience in international and Local purchases, which makes me get a lot of profits

My Business

The textile business will require a decent amount of investment. The operating cost of manufacturing factory for textile production apart from the rent/cost of the land. The cost of equipment like knitting machines to knit yarn, weaving machines to weave thread, cloth cutting machines to cut cloth, etc. For retailers, again the cost of acquiring land for shops. The funds required to start the inventory and maintain stock for uninterrupted selling.

Project Proposal

Every business has equipment that’s necessary to do the job, such as a machinery, or equipment your customers use, like a treadmill. Equipment is expensive, and it wears down and becomes outdated over time.

Unplanned expenses like the repair or replacement of broken equipment can break your budget, and sometimes running without that piece of equipment isn’t an option. Broken or faulty equipment can also increase your liability and chase off customers who need reliable service, costing you more money in the long-term.

Loans can help you manage the costs of equipment that will allow you do your job and provide a better experience for your customers. They can also help you keep your business up to date with new technology that improves your services and interaction with customers.





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Apr 27, 2022



Jakarta, Indonesia


Linköping, Sweden

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