Christine Bundi

Bombolulu, Kenya

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Christine Bundi

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January 2013

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About Me

am Christine neema bundi am married i live with my husband at bombolulu. and i have three children.two are boys and one is a girl.the first born is called lucky and he is fifteen years old.he is in school being in class eight this year. the second born he is also a boy he is thirteen years old. he is in school is class six. the third one is called Linah she is a girl she is eleven years of age ,she is in school as well and in class education background is class eight of Kenya primary school after finishing my primary school i could not go on with further studies because my family was poor and they could not able to cutter for my secondary education that is why i had to look for another alternative to do so that i can get money that could sustain my living. is tarted this business because due to my level of education that i had then i could not be employed in a good place where i could have been paid good wage or salary that could made me earn better or good money that could help me and my family. with the earning from my business i do use some to buy things for my family i use ksh 3,500 this to buy food for my family and use another ksh 6,000 to pay school fees for my family.and because i don't pay house rent because i have my own house then i use the rest of my earnings to buy or add stocks of goods to my place of business.

My Business

my business is of selling of firewood and charcoals. i buy and sell this products from the manufactures and transport them into my shop or my market place.the demand of these products is very high because most of the people here they use this products. due of the high cost of the kerosene many people they use charcoals and the firewood for cooking their foods at home because of the people here they live with daily basic of five hundred shillings and below then they don't go for kerosene they do buy this products from me and this is why it well customers prefer buying from e because first i value my clients by giving them a fair and reasonable price to all my goods.and this is one of the best reason hat is making them to like and my this goods from me.this business i profitable because i just buy this goods once from the peoples who makes them at a well balanced price from them and after transporting this goods to my market place i sell them with a price that will be fair between me and my clients and making sure that after them being happy with my prices i also earn something good and fair to me as my profit yes it is because i most of the time get double than the buying typical month is ksh is equivalent to ksh 30,000. and my monthly salas revenues is ksh 65,000. that is making me at a monthly ruuning profit of ksh 35,000.

Loan Proposal

Thank you dear lenders am very proud of you. for all the effort that you did to make my application proved. with this first loan from your organization am going to use this loan wisely buy adding more stocks of fire wood and charcoals into my shop. and this will help me sell more and increase my daily earning and profit into my daily income.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 18, 2013

Repayment status


Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $500.90 at 9.14% annual rate over 12 months = $48.20

Service fee: $18.83



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