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May 2013

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315 installments  •  100%

About Me

My name is Arnold Katana. I live at Kaloleni Giriama. I father of two children, a girl and a boys i love my wife and we a both devoted Christians. My Education background is collage level. I hold a Certificate in Association of Computer professional (A.C.P). I run a Computer Office Bureau cum Cyber cafe and a Barber shop all together. my ambition is to climb the ladder of success through Zidisha and become a living example to others. I hope Zidisha will make my dream come true.

My Business

My business is based on Computer Services situated in Kilifi County, Kaloleni Sub-county within the coastal region of Kenya. I had been doing this business for the last five years and am grateful to say that i have seen the hand of God upon me. This business has been a success mainly because of Zidisha who have funding me with their loans. With my experience i have been able to get more and more clients day by day. Most of the clients like coming to my shop because i have good and reasonable prices for my services. My monthly running cost is Kenya shillings 16,000. and my monthly sales collection is Kenya shillings 50,000. this gives me a monthly profit of Kenya shillings 35,000 monthly.

Loan Proposal

thank you so much zidisha team. am very much proud of you for the well good job that you are doing your are doing more than wonderfully. with this loan amount am going to upgrade my BARABA shop this is by buying another new machines and a sitting chair this will help me get more clients and raise my daily income.

My Videos

Jun 13, 2021: Arkfami cyber





  • Johannes    Apr 6, 2019

    Good borrower.
    Pay back his installments early.

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  • Will    Oct 12, 2017

    Arnold has made nearly 200 loan repayments and every one of them has been on time. I would very happily loan to him in the future.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 15, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months


Jeff and Marcie

Portland, OR, United States



melbourne, Australia


leicester, United Kingdom


Falun, Sweden





Nashville, United States

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  • Arnold    Oct 23, 2021

    thank you very much for making this possible again.

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  • Yua Micheal    Oct 22, 2021

    Ay your business thrive

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  • PeterP    Oct 22, 2021

    This is the last time that I will get to choose who to support, since Zidisha has changed to ‘pay it forward’ as the only model they use. God bless you in your business.

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  • Arnold    Oct 21, 2021

    the loan i have just completed had help me in restocking and i am grateful to my leaders. thanks a lot for your continued support.

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  • Arnold    Oct 12, 2021

    please update my payment of 1882. i am receiving this message your Zidisha repayment of 1882 is past due. i paid on 10/10/21 and it was confirmed PJA21YC4GA

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  • Arnold    Sep 6, 2021

    thank you very much

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  • Arnold    Aug 29, 2021

    the last loan i got from my lenders was of course small but thank God i used it smartly and i don't regret i hope as i regress i will be able to lift my business higher and higher thanks lenders.

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  • Arnold    Jul 31, 2021

    thanks you Daisuke, Ahadi and [email protected] thank you guys God bless you all.

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  • Arnold    Jul 31, 2021

    can somebody be on pay it and still be be the usual classic loans

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  • Arnold    Jul 29, 2021

    Thanks to all my leaders the loan benefited me a lot thanks very much

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  • Arnold    Jun 15, 2021

    with this loan i will add some additional stock of stationary to my shop.
    with this harsh economic wold of today this loan will help me so much and i thank all my lenders for funding my loan and i hope this project of mine will rise to another level good bless you.

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  • wisdom2080    Jun 13, 2021

    Please share your profits and love with others. God bless us all :D
    Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

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  • Arnold    Mar 24, 2021

    This recently completed loan, actually made a very big difference to my life, business wise and my family wise. I have been able to pay school fees to my children and also i have a descent house all this has been made possible because of zidisha.

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    • Rita RS    May 15, 2021

      Hi Arnold,
      I am very happy to know we have been able to help you. Thank you for your feedback.
      Kind regards,

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  • Arnold    Mar 10, 2021

    still not yet catch up with the usual pace of business because of covid-19

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  • Arnold    Jan 31, 2021

    still business has not pickup well

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  • Arnold    Dec 25, 2020

    due to the covid-19 business has become very hard to run but i believe with time it will stabilize and business with resume as normal.

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  • Arnold    Nov 26, 2020

    due to covid-19 business has come down and i don't want to spoil my reputation so i would like to adjust my repayment but as soon as thinks get well i will go back to my normal repayment thanks.

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  • Arnold    Sep 29, 2020

    thank you my lenders, God bless you.

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  • Arnold    Sep 24, 2020

    Amen, thank Mary i know i will one day. thanks a lot.

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  • Mary    Sep 23, 2020

    I know you will one day own a fleet of motorbikes Arnold!

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