Edith Nkirote Makanga

Rongai Town, Kenya

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Edith Nkirote Makanga

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January 2013

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69 installments  •  52%

About Me

I was born in 1989 in Meru Central District, Timau Division in Meru County. My first school was Muragine Primary School i.e. from nursery school to class eight. After doing my class eight exam (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education), I joined form one at Kithinine Girls Secondary School where I reached form two and was sent home because of school fees arrears. This happened because my parents divorced and I had no one to pay for my school fees. Through well wishers I managed to go back to school and sat for the form 4 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education where I managed to get a mean grade of C+.
Although I manage the grade, it didn’t add value to me because I had to stay at home since I didn’t have any papers to show that I did the exam and got a certain grade because the school could not give me the certificate due to the huge fees balance I owed the school. I started looking for any job to support myself but for a long time I didn’t make it. I was very frustrated since everyone wanted at least some papers to confirm that I really reached form 4 and got a C+ as I tried to explain. In the process of trying to get a job, I was employed by some people to be washing their clothes and do household work. Most of them were very arrogant and could not register any good work I used to do. This forced me to look for an alternative and I finally ended up being a bar maid.
After a long struggle I decided to try another area and I was invited by one of my friends to Rongai district, Nakuru County where I now live.
Although I am not married I have a baby girl.

My Business

Through the above stated challenges in life right from the school life and even after leaving the school compound since I had no one to help me, I was totally desperate and I was trying to look for someone to give me even a one day job just to get the food for that day. When I joined the barmaid job I felt as if I had reached heaven because I could get some money in the evening for my up keep. I worked there for some years but still with ups and downs, but I finally started my own bar business in Rongai. It was not an easy task to start a business since I had not saved any money but through courage I made it. I can now afford a smile since I have my own business and I am operating it without any problem although it has its challenges that are common in a business of this nature and therefore I have to live with them. At times someone might get drunk and refuse to pay his/her bill. I have to use diplomacy to convince the customer but when diplomacy fails I am forced to use other means like force, police etc. Sometimes I do face them like gentle man and sometimes like a woman in order to accommodate every character so that I can get what I need from my business.
Since I join my friend in Rongai, I am doing well and from what I do get, help me raise my family for this is my first duty, pay the house rent and add stock as far as the business is concern. The courage I had at the beginning has helped me reach where I am and I will still press on until I reach my expectation of having my own piece of land.

Loan Proposal

Thanks for activating my account. The given amount of money will help me first to pay county council permit to allow me carry on my business and the remaining money i will buy a stock of beer. I will feel comfortable serving my customers without being harassed by the county council soldiers.
I do promise my lenders that i will pay my loan in a good time as written.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 7, 2013

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On Time

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12 months




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