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October 2012

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About Me

My names are Sharon Mutinoi Nthula. I was born in 1986 in Makueni District and brought up in Christianity. I joined my primary education in 1993 in Kibwezi primary school where I completed in 2000 and got my Kenya National Examination Council Certificate.
I later joined St. Joseph Girls High school in Nairobi in the year 2001 where I completed in 2004 and got my certificate. Later I joined a computer college so that I can be able to know more about the computer skills. After that, I joined my first job in Enashapai Resort as a house keep year for two years, later I moved on in another motel that was known as a Kilimo motel in the year 2008. The reason why I migrated from Enashapai to Kilimo was the high payment that Kilimo was offering me so with no lost chance I had to migrate. Later, I meet my lovely husband and we are blessed with two handsome boys.

My Business

Through my hard work for some years that when I started my business as a shop keeper. I started this business on myself even after I meet my husband. By that time of a new start it was a small scale retail outlet {Kiosk} where I continued doing well slowly by slowly. When I was starting this business it was so hard for me to coup up with it. I really thought to drop the business but I kept heart to go on for some few months. For those months I continued to get more and more customers and this encouraged me to go on with this business. By all that this has gone through because of my hard work, patience, and determination savings from the profit and passion to be world leader in retail chain outlet. Also because I want to improve my business more and more, that is I want to make it a whole sale shop and to do so one have to give me a hand. And that why am asking Zidisha to help me in this.

Loan Proposal

The aim of this loan is to expand my business and start another which can help me in future.That's why i decided to apply for a loan from Zidisha Micro Finance and this will help me to achieve my vision, while this loan will keep me be hard working, patient and have determination savings from my profit and my passion to be world leader in retail chain outlet.
Also because the business is located at the heart of slum i would wish to assist the needy people in the society e.g. students, orphans, aged people so that's why as a result of expansion programme.Also i wish to apply for loan so as to assist my family and all people in our society, because i wish if i get this loan i will start keeping poultry and that why i will assist some few people with employment or provide job to them also by doing that i will be able to pay it as first as possible. Thank you.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 3, 2012

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12 months




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  • bconrad    Sep 19, 2013

    Dear lenders, my name is Bayle and I am a Country Liaison Intern with Zidisha.

    We have been in recent contact with Ms. Mutinoi. She has been in the hospital for over a month due to a bad illness, which made it difficult for her to make payments. She is now recovering and hopes to make a payment soon.

    Ms. Mutinoi, we wish you the best as you recover!

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