Nicholas Munyua
Nakuru, Kenya
Volunteer Mentor: Silas Barasa

This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $994.85
Date Disbursed: Mar 9, 2012
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $91.03
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $994.85 at 4.15% annual rate over 12 months = $41.29

Service Fee: $994.85 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $49.74

Total Loan Cost:
$41.29 + $49.74 = $91.03

Cost paid to join Zidisha

Upon joining Zidisha, Nicholas also opted to pay $136.12 in return for a higher starting credit limit.

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About Me

I am a man aged 50years with a wife and now 5 beautiful children.I am a businessman, runing a shop at mitimingi trading centre. I deal with consumables and non consumables. Zidisha team and the lenders have assisted me so much and improved my standard of living and that of my family. With profits from loans granted, i have taken my children to good schools and three of them are in universities now a proud to say my firstborn born daughter graduation is this December. Thanks
to zidisha lenders and entire for regular and timely loans over the years. I need another loan to boost my business and repair my vehicle which i use to transport goods at my shop.

My Business

my business deals with selling both consumable and non consumable goods. this includes food stuffs, farm inputs(fertilizers, seeds), farm tools(hoes, spades, axe), animal feeds. this business also include a boutique. the business is worth kshs 200000, and approximately makes a profit of kshs 15000 every month after paying all the bills and paying a salary of kshs 10000 to my employees. challenges in running the business are, counterfeit goods in the market but cost like the genuine good but of low quality, change of fashion, unpredictable change of foods stuff prices, high competation, poor infrastructure eg poor roads during rainy season leading to high cost of trasportion.

Loan Proposal

The planting season is around the corner and this is the appropriate time to stock my small business with seeds(maize and beans), fertilizers and farm impliments like hoes and jembes. At this time the seeds are readily available as many people are waiting for the last minute rush. I would therefore like some little assistance in terms of finances so that i take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Any help accorded to me will be highly appreciated. I hope to make profit from the sale of stock because as of now, i can manage to fully stock my shop since the prices of goods is relatively cheap. Transport is also not a problem as the rains have not started so the roads are still passable. This makes it even the best time to purchase goods and stock my shop.

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  • kickerofelves     Jan 31, 2016


    All good.

  • Markus     Nov 23, 2015


    Thank you ;)

  • dsfranz     Nov 18, 2015


    very good!!!

  • xtrahardware     Nov 13, 2015



  • LaBretonne     Dec 21, 2014


    Repaid in full... for the 3rd time! Well done and thank you!

  • d     Jun 1, 2014


    My third loan to Nicholas, all repaid in full! Best wishes!

  • Sandi     Apr 21, 2014


    Repaid with regular installments. Thank you!

  • Oliver     Mar 29, 2014


    A big loan, paid back diligently and in full. I would be happy to lend again.

  • LaBretonne     Mar 19, 2014


    This was my second loan to Munyua. All paid back again!

  • ErikN     Jan 31, 2014


    Paid in full ahead of schedule.

  • MillerClark     Jan 11, 2014


    Repaid early in regular installments. Thanks. Mr Munyua is a reliable borrower who I would support again. Best wishes for future business success.

    • Nicholas Munyua     Jan 17, 2014

      Thanks for your confidence in me. Your support has taken my family to the next level. Won't let you down.

  • KarmaComa     Jan 11, 2014


    Nicholas paid back early so I recommend everyone to lend to him! Lots of success in the future!

    • Nicholas Munyua     Jan 17, 2014

      Hi Karmacoma,
      when one is very happy in my community we say Ahsante sana. God bless you.

  • nicole     Jan 10, 2014


    Paid ahead of schedule. I wish you success and will definitely lend again!

    • Nicholas Munyua     Jan 17, 2014

      Hi Nicole, thankyou so much for your help and support, won't let you know down,

  • davelowe100     Mar 26, 2013


    Excellent borrower!

  • LaBretonne     Feb 11, 2013


    Very regular repayments. Well done!

  • Hope2012     Feb 11, 2013


    Repaid early thanks and bst wishes.

  • Ginoir     Feb 11, 2013


    no complaints, happy to support again

  • Daniel     Feb 9, 2013


    Excellent borrower. Thanks!

  • d     Feb 7, 2013


    Congratulations on another loan repaid! Best wishes!

  • Christian     Nov 15, 2012


    Paid in full, on time. Good job and good luck for the future.


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Nicholas Munyua
Nakuru, Kenya

100% Repaid