To buy a set of screw drivers

Zilpah Chebii

Kusumek Village, Kenya

35% repaid



Zilpah Chebii

Member since

November 2016

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11 installments  •  36%

About Me

I was a lucky person because i was the only girl.I was raised with five boys.Mostly i used to do boy stuff because i did not know otherwise.I played football,went to swim in the river,climbed trees and my mother would say iam a tomboy.I would make toys with my brothers.My childhood was exciting.Because of my childhood my career was inclined to be what it is now.My brother did electronic engineering at Nairobi University.I would accompany him when he went to do his work.At times he would give me something to repair like a TV or radio.He told me you have a talent.Pursue your dream.After fourth form i went to polytechnic and did a certificate in electronics.I then opened a repair shop at Litein town behind post office.That is where i do my work.Iam a single mother with one child Kevin Kiprono who will join school early january 2017.

My Business

I do repairs of electronic items.Like T.V,DVD,phones,radios,fridges etc.Due to power surges most house holds have their electronic items in the house destroyed.I repair for them at a fee since one can not afford to purchase a T.V or an item every now and then.Since a child and having been raised with boys i got to like repairing and creating stuff.My typical costs are basically rent ,overhead costs,solder,solder roll .spirits,blow machine,wires,spare parts KES 15,000.Revenue depends on how many items i repair but on average i can make KES 8000 a week.I use the profits to take care of my son and other basic necessities.I do save for the future plans which is to buy land and put up my residential home.

Loan Proposal

My plan is to use the loan to buy a set of screw drivers @ $45.My work will be efficient and i wont be borrowing from other people.I will be able to repair items fast and repair more.My customers will be happy and recommend other customers to me.This will increase my profits by 15-20%.i also have savings to be able to buy the set together with the loan.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 16, 2016

Repayment status


Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $0.48




United States

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