To buy a shade for my sugarcane stand


Ngarariga, Kenya

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About Me

I'm originally from the Nyanza part of Kenya but now reside in Central Kenya. I am married to a beautiful wife and blessed with two beautiful girls aged 4 and one years respectively. I'm a form 4 leaver and have a certificate in computer packages. Although I worked as a computer tutor in Nyanza , the pay was not enough and I moved to Ngarariga in Central Kenya in search of greener pastures. This was after I got married and the need to get more income to sustain my family become dire.

In Ngarariga, I opted for manual construction jobs and worked for an year. I saved enough to buy a wheelbarrow as you can see in my profile picture and started to sell sugar cane at the stage. Compared to the manual jobs, I can say I'm at better place and my livelihood is stable.

My Business

I sell sugarcane at the Ngarariga bus stage on a wheel barrow. I buy sugar cane and sell it in small bits but now i what to start buying in larger amount from farmers so that i can get big profit and have my own store with the loan you will give to me . Sugarcane is enticing and I have ready customer who are boarding and alighting at the stage. It is fast moving as well. I have been the business for one year and a half now and my business is thriving, I am the only one who sells sugarcane at the stage and I am yet to get a competitor. My courtesy and good customers services has been the key factors for maintaining my customers.

On a good day I can make up to Kshs 3000(approx $ 30). I use the money to buy stock after two weeks, buy food for my family daily and save the rest. I want to buy sugarcane to store in my store which had already rent for storage other two wheelbarrows in the near feature and fur to get workers to be selling the sugarcane for me on the opposite side of the stage and fur stage which is 3km away so that i can increase my income and create more employment too.

Loan Proposal

I sell sugarcane at Ngarariga bus stop along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. I sell the cane on a wheelbarrow, but do it in open air. Sometimes the Sun becomes unbearable and I am unable to work. Also during rainy days I can't work as well. The reason for this loan is to buy a shade to cover the sugarcane and myself during the hot and rainy days. This will ensure that I don't have to close shop when weather conditions become unbearable. It will increase my working days and by extension my earnings. With my current earning, I will comfortably repay the loan without difficulties.

John Kebaso






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Classic Loan

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Dec 8, 2014

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4 months




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