To buy leather for repairing shoes

Peter Muigai

Miti Mingi, Kenya

52% repaid



Peter Muigai

Member since

September 2014

On-time repayments

41 installments  •  24%

About Me

My name is Peter Muigai Ndirangu. I am a married man with two children, two sons. My family and I live in Miti Mingi, Kahuho area, my parents too live in Miti Mingi. My education is up to Secondary School, up to form 4. As a young man, despite lack of Jobs in my country Kenya, I decide to go to a short training where i learnt how to mend shoes and to assemble new ones. I decided to start my small shoe repair shop where i dealt with mending old shoes for local people and especislly schooling children and other common people. I advanced and now i am able to bring new shoes which i combine with my assembled shoes and shoe repairing to earn a living. I am able to make good profit because in a month i can get up to 18000 shillings. I like reading Bible and other related books when i am free.

My Business

My business is located in Miti Mingi shopping Centre. It involves mending old shoes for local people (shoe repair). I also buy leather rolls which i use to cut out and assemble new shoes which i sell at a slightly cheaper price than new shoe dealers in Miti mingi and the area around. My customers are not only from Miti mingi village but from neighbouring villages such as Kianjoya, Mugaa, Game, Mahiga and Bagaria. I mostly use the profit i get to support my family for their upkeep and school. I also support my parents whenever necessary. I am confident about being a successful shoe dealer because this business has the assurance that people will never stop buying and using shoes.

Loan Proposal

Hi zidisha. I am very glad to have joined zidisha. My business involves mending old shoes and making new ones from leather. Recently, I was able to buy a leather sewing machine which I intend to use to prepare leather into new shoes. This loan application of 100 dollars will help me to buy two rolls of leather around 47 dollars each. these two rolls will help me mend 22 pairs of shoes depending on the size of the shoes. There will be additional costs of new soles to fit the shoes and I am sure I will make a profit of 5 dollars per pair of shoes. Especially during this december month when market is really good, i am sure i will make good profit even more than this estimate. I request zidisha lenders to fund this loan and I am sure they will greatly improve my life. Thanks to zidisha community.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 24, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

9 months



Candiac, Canada



Perth, Australia


Richelieu, France



tulare, United States


Melbourne, Australia


San Jose, United States









United Kingdom

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  • Zephania Osida    Feb 28, 2015

    Dear lenders i was not able to reach Mr.Muingai through his mobile number so i contacted the person who invited him to join this organization Mr.Gashanja who told me he will try to look for him and let me know why he is not paying his loan.Once i get this feedback i will let you know.

    Thank you

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  • Peter Muigai    Dec 27, 2014

    I want to pay the lowest installment amount because someone stole my mending machine and as I want to replace it, i have to work more on jobs that are not well earning and still have to save a lot. Once I have the machine back, I will perhaps increase the installment again. I request my lenders to bear with me for the changes in repayment installment. Thanks so much.

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  • harriet    Dec 18, 2014

    Merry Christmas and all the best for your business in 2015!

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