To buy used goods from importers to sell

Yusuf Abubakar

Accra, Ghana

18% repaid



Yusuf Abubakar

Member since

April 2020

On-time repayments

90 installments  •  67%

About Me

I am Abubakar 30 years of age.I lived in Accra completed high school in the 2000s.I worked as business man.i have married with two kids.I also engage in cashew nut farming which every year i harvest.Aside that i am much interested in snail farming too which i have started my small backyard snail farming.

I am a leader and founder of my up and coming foundation with the aim to help the most poor ones my village.I am organising and mobilising some youth in the community to come together as one to help the poor one and the orphans in the village
Every month i have a percentage of my income that is reserved for them too to feed on,and i know with the opportunity that has been given to me with the help of zidisha and it honest and trust members.I can go extra miles to become successful business man and entrepreneur.

My Business

I started business when i was very young,after my secondary school education.Most Africa countries you have to be self dependent,No one to look up especially if you are from poor family.
I started my business with a little money I have to buy and sell general goods and products.To be honest here my first encounter with my retailers help me a lot because they used to give me on credit,after i finished selling them.I pay them their money back.I started saving some money i got from selling the goods after deductions.
I have been doing this business several years now, the business has expanded and i am comfortable with how it is moving.The business has helped me into farming.
My small cashew farm,snail and rabbit farming are also doing well on business basis.I am proud to be a farmer too.

Loan Proposal

If i were given the loan i am going to buy used electronic gadgets and general materials from importers.I sell things like used flatscreen,recorders,speakers,chairs, etc.
This loan will definitely help me expand my business to have more customers.

Income Source

Some customers are owing me which i go around and collect my money from them everyweek and also i have a transport (trotro) in Ghana which currently also supports me on weekly basis.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 5, 2021

Repayment status


Projected term

8 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $60.52

Credit risk payment: $60.52

Optional expediting fee: $181.81



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