To get a land for my shop

Solomon Kojo Neenyi Aryee

Cape Coast, Ghana

100% repaid



Solomon Kojo Neenyi Aryee

Member since

June 2021

On-time repayments

34 installments  •  50%

About Me

My name is Solomon kojo neenyi aryee I come from eguase in central region but I stayed at Tema in greater Accra region, I am forty four years old and I haven't married.

My Business

I'm spray painting vehicles and this spraying business has helped me a lot in my life since I completed my apprenticeship job I have a shop but it needs innovation,my colleagues have so when I get job I go there to do it my own shop need a innovation but I don't have money to do it and it is a wooden structure so when rain fall I can't do anything there.

Loan Proposal

If this loan fund I will use it to get a place to do my shop although the amount is small but I will menage it until I get a large amount to pay off the cost of the land or if they give to me as lace I will it to deposit.

Income Source

My protection of this pandemic is so high and I am not afraid to do my daily jobs and I will not be surprise to get money to pay because business is not bad at all.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 24, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $0.76

Credit risk payment: $3.42


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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