Selling second-hand clothing to pay college fees


Nakuru, Kenya

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October 2013

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About Me

I’m the last born in a family of six. I was born and raised in Nakuru, I even went to school there. I live near the Nakuru national park. I’ve been in the field of business ever since I came out of high school, but for the first two years after I had cleared high school in 2003 I was employed by my brother’s friend to work for him. After I had gathered enough capital to set up my own business I moved out of his place of work and I purchased my own stall and also I bought my own stock then I began my own business. And also at about the same time was when I moved out of my parents place and rented my own place and began buying household stuffs as the business was picking up.
At primary school I went to St. Theresa’s Primary school from 1992 to 1999 then in high school I went to Jomo Kenyatta High School which is in Bahati district but still in Nakuru County, I also have certificates in Information and Technology which I managed to pursue after I had set up my own business and I had employed someone who could take care of it while I was away attending classes.
I started my own business because there was no limit to my capability of growth, and also I have a dream of becoming one of the major suppliers of second hand clothing in my town. The business has helped me to buy household requirements and also to pay my college fee.

My Business

Dear lenders, i have a very promising business that i started and i am eager to boost it to earn maximum profit. i specialize in selling second hand clothes which i have become a major supplier in our region. What makes motivates me is the initiative i once had to start it when the competition was low, i have now maintained many customers who still show up at my mutumba shop to buy the clothes. the business gets even better since i have seen a trend where my customers come to by clothes as gifts for their customers. i look for unique type of clothes that attract those who buy from high class stores and the prices are the same. This has been my competitive advantage again others who are in the same industry. my business has started to pick this year and i have great plans for its has motivated me since i feel i will be very successful soon. my business makes around $246 per month, earns an expense of around $123 ;therefore, i run a low risk business because the profit i earn is double the cost of operating the business. I know lenders are looking for someone who will not just receive their money and run away with it, i am committed to the goals of zidisha and i am sure i will repay the loan. all i am asking is a chance to prove that i will deliver my promise. Thank you in advance and thank you zidisha for giving me an opportunity to express my vision.

Loan Proposal

From the USD 450, I will spend USD 113 on ladies trousers and USD 170 on jeans for men. And USD 57 on t-shirts and the remaining amount I will use it to built more shelves to put the new stock and to do the minor repairs so as to make my working place to be more appealing to my customers . This money will really boost my business since I will be able to meet the demands of my customers by increasing my stock and also by offering them a large variety of clothes to choose from. I've noticed sometimes customers who come at my stall go without buying since they sometimes don't get what exactly they were looking for. I will also stock trousers for ladies, jeans to be specific. since i am having more customers than before, i am sure i will repay your loan because previous my net profit is about $123.139, and i target to earn around & 212.78, that means i will be able to pay back your loan and to keep the business flourishing. i have many customers who have demanded for some types of clothes that are in fashion and they have been patient to wait after i promised to get some loan to stock my business. I know lenders calculate if i will be faithful but i am confident to assure then that my business continues to grow and i know my life will improve thanks to the lenders for putting trust in me.






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Classic Loan

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Jun 17, 2014

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66 months



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