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My name is Frank Damoah. I am 33 years of age. We are three in the family; my mom, myself and a house help. My parents are divorced. I spent most of my childhood years with my mother who was then a head dresser.
Though life was not as expected, I am glad are still alive today and doing good. I completed University in the year 2012. I could not secure a job after school so I entered into entrepreneurship which was inspired by a cousin who once visited me. Though I tried many businesses, I was able to find a safe haven in the sales of hospital general goods. I have made much from this business starting with a low amount but I can see the business keeps growing every day.

My Business

After trying and failing at other businesses, I finally ventured into the sales of medical stuffs and other general goods used at health facilities for their day to day running. My mother gave me a loan of GHS 3000.00. I invested this loan into my business and I am glad my business today is worth more than GHS 40,000.00 in stock. It has not been an easy journey from going from town to town and getting encounter with personnels from different facilities just to market your goods. We did a very hard work and we were able to push things through. The name of my business is Emms Medical Supplies. "Emms" is the short form of Emmanuel's . I chose this name because the person who inspired me to venture into this business is called Emmanuel Mensah. It is a registered business with registration number BN068152020. I am the business owner and there's a part-time worker who assists me in getting into contact with different facilities. I sell mostly glucose monitors, glucose strips, laboratory consumables and disposables; latex examination gloves, Hemoglobin monitor, syringes, ultrasound scan films, malaria test strips, hepatitis B test strips and laboratory reagents and many more. Many facilities (including government and private) order their goods from afar; long distance regions (Accra and Kumasi); My business has been able to save them the money and cost of traveling to such places for goods they need urgently to save lives.
Our dream is to become one of the top distributors of such stuffs in our region so we need loan to expand the business in order to provide if not all, most of their needs. We can be located on the Google map. Type in Emms Medical Supplies, call us and we will deliver what you need.

Project Proposal

I need a loan of about GHS 213.00 to purchase latex examination gloves to support my business. Health facilities in my community need them to run their services and I have been a supporter of their work therefore I need this loan to help them keep their services running to ensure that they deliver their best for the good health of the citizens.





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