Venturing into transportation business

Duncan Nakaanda

Lusaka, Zambia

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Duncan Nakaanda

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July 2020

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36 installments  •  31%

About Me

My name is Duncan Nakaanda. I have been in business for more than 2 years now. I deal with selling of shoes but have now ventured into clothes due to the money that zidisha is giving me to support my business. I loving selling goods and commodities.

I am based in lusaka and i look forward to a situation were i can start ordering salaula from malawi and later reselling it when i bring it to zambia. It has a good market and the demand is something unexplainable. Zidisha has really helped me as it helped to develop from ordering 20 shoes to ordering 60 and later helping me enter the clothes business which deals in women clothes.

My Business

I order and sale shoes....i recently expanded my business by adding clothes to my shoe business. What i do is order the above mentioned commodities and then later resale them after washing them. My market is usually bars late at night and just moving up and down during the day and talk to each and every customer that i meet.

Weekends are the days that i sale the most. I am currently venturing in mens clothes and shoes due to the fact that these commodities are expensive and have more profit compared to lady commodities in my area and besides i am a male so nowonder the ease in doing this.
My income has increased because i am now adding more goods to my already existing clothes.

I have now added transportation to my business. This is good business for my portfolio as i have noticed this gap in my community

Loan Proposal

Hello, after the sponsorship i got for my cloth business it got a little stable and its working on well. I therefore decided to venture in the transportation business. This will give me money in the sense that i will need to buy fuel so i can the business and in this sense i will always have something at the end of the weekdays and it will help my other businesses grow too much. So i have found a route and on this route its gauranteed that pipo will always travel. It is for this reason that i need fuel so as to get going.

Income Source

With this new loan i will increase the number of businesses that i will be doing it is for this that i will be able to cover my risk. And i do some work with so i have a monthly salary despite my business. My salary is very little thats why i decided to venture in business to help solve other family problems.
I also do savings alot so this will help in times of business problems. I also do have friends that will help me pay back when ever things are hard. These are family friends that encourage me to work hard n do businesses. They work for different companies. And are willing to help me pay back any loan so long i invest it in a business






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 26, 2020

Repayment status


Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $14.79

Credit risk payment: $19.23

Optional expediting fee: $14.79



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May 9, 2021


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Nov 8, 2020 $13.66 Nov 13, 2020 $13.66
Nov 15, 2020 $0.49 Nov 13, 2020 $0.49
Nov 22, 2020 $0.00
Nov 29, 2020 $10.94 Dec 8, 2020 $10.94
Dec 6, 2020 $10.94 Dec 8, 2020 $0.65
Dec 20, 2020 $10.29
Dec 13, 2020 $3.32 Dec 20, 2020 $3.32
Dec 20, 2020 $0.00
Dec 27, 2020 $6.86 Jan 27, 2021 $6.86
Jan 3, 2021 $6.86 Jan 27, 2021 $6.86
Jan 10, 2021 $3.70 Jan 27, 2021 $3.70
Jan 17, 2021 $0.00
Jan 24, 2021 $6.86 Apr 7, 2021 $6.86
Jan 31, 2021 $6.86 Apr 7, 2021 $6.86
Feb 7, 2021 $6.86 Apr 7, 2021 $6.86
Feb 14, 2021 $1.20 Apr 7, 2021 $1.20
Feb 21, 2021 $0.00
Feb 28, 2021 $0.00
Mar 7, 2021 $0.00
Mar 14, 2021 $0.00
Mar 21, 2021 $6.86 May 27, 2021 $6.86
Mar 28, 2021 $6.86 May 27, 2021 $6.86
Apr 4, 2021 $6.86 May 27, 2021 $6.86
Apr 11, 2021 $6.86 May 27, 2021 $1.20
Apr 18, 2021 $6.86
Apr 25, 2021 $13.66
May 2, 2021 $6.86
May 9, 2021 $2.78