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Am Hellen Claryce Onyino age 23 from nyanza Homa bay county,from mbita sub county from a village known as LAMBWE Valley,my village is known for tsetse fly whi infect pple with sleepng sickness and it is also dry and receives short rains hence poor harvesting,hence no enough food, i grew up in lambwe village and further moved to Homabay town to start my school were my parents went to such for greener pasture for us we were 6 children.My mother was a business woman having a small retail shop and my dad was selling sugarcane at sofia market in order to make ends meet for as,I school at Homabay primary school and and sat for my kcpe at that school were i passed so well with 305 marks then got admitted at Ogande girls high school,but we were poor so i dint see class room but work i managed to go back to school i got admission in one one mixed day school in Oyugis called Kwoyo secondary school were i schooled until form four and pass with a grade of c+ since i never had no fee to attend a collage i helped my daddy sell the sugarcane at the market then at times moved to the shop to keep my mommy busy hence developed an interest to start my business, i went to seek employment in a salon just to gain more knowledge about beauty since i loved beauty, so i learned a lot at the salon since i knew less about salon i had to be patient in order to know more in 2 years time i knew a lot and had save money my children would like to be a doctor she is called Terry and one likes music and dancing hence he would like to be a musician he is called Brandon and my last born is 7 maths old, Am working hard to make a better future for them so they font grow up in same lifestyle i had in my childhood.Me i love listening to musics and dance,love watching moves and making new friends since i talk a lot,,something unique in my culture are the type of food they make like, omena and fish since they are found in lager due to the presence of lake Victoria in our region an we also play nyatiti music find only in the luo culture i love my luo culture a lot.something unique about in in the past was i knew to go down and could understand my parents when they have and when they lack so I don't disturbed them also loved selling at the shop since most of my friends would come and buy when i was around.

My Business

my business is based on beauty products and making of hair by plating,setting,weaving and even blow drying.I Sell beauty products such as body oil,pedicure products and manicure products too ,both ladies and men watch, i sell different type of hair food, weaves,braids and all sorts if hair for ladies.this goods are so meaning full to human especially the ladies as each of them need to be beautiful and needs to look good and nice so they make there hair often and buy beauty products to supplement there beauty such as nail polisher, body spray,and many more beauty products.This products move so fast and are easy to sell and can also be gotten easily as there market is every where ,i choose this business because it earns me a good profit and it makes me relate to many people. I started my saqlon with 10,00ksh and could only make like 5,000ksh per month this has increased so much due to my hard work and my persistence in work,i get like 20,000ksh per month and spends like 3000ksh for my children and 3000ks for my house,3000ksh i save and 5000ksh for business rent then the rest goes back to business by buying more goods and maintaining my salon.Most of the assets and school fee and house bill are done by my husband so most of what i get goes back to the business,so this helps me a lot to bust my as i also want to open a big barber shop and salon,my business as never disappointed me like this January since most people never had money and our economy has really grown and things are too expensive each and every day hence i need to improve a lot in my business.

Loan Proposal

I would use the loan to top up my daughter's school fee for second team with is15,210ksh,the loan will reduce what I was to pay, hence enable me to get her some personal stuff for use in school and also give her some small amount for up keep in the school, this will enable her to stay comfortable in school and also work hard in her studies as she did last time, by paying her fee on time and giving her all she require will give her easy time to study, I look forward for your support just as you have been to me before, thanks zidisha for this opportunity.






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Apr 15, 2016

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