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Kiti-nakuru, Kenya

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August 2013

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About Me

I was born in 1983 in Uasin Gishu District Uasin Gishu County I later joined Nakuru west Primary school (Nakuru County) in 1988 and completed in 1996 I later on joined Ol’Kalou Secondary school in Nyandarua County Ol’kalou Distric. After successfully finishing my A levels I joined Egerton Town campus where I pursued Proffessional accounting upto Cpa part 2 section 2. While awaiting to be employed I decided to start a cyber café business back in Sept 2011. I managed to secure a good location right in the Central Business District in Nakuru Town. I have been running it for the past 2 years now.

My Business

I own a cyber café business Along Kenyatta avenue opposite KCB bank in Nakuru Kenya. Its in the ground floor and the fourth shop on your right. It has eight computers two printers and a scanner .The services that I offer are all sorts of online services. My business is unique because I run it myself and I have the personal touch to all my customers. They will always find a warm smiling face and if you have a unique problem I will go to all lengths to tackle it and you will always get out of my business a happy customer.
Due to that personal touch my customers always came back and refer others to me. I have one employee who is always there to assist me when the customers are many. My business faces challenges like change of technology that is the phones people use nowadays have internet access but I thank God because they cant know everything they always came consulting thus when you give them good services they will always came back. My business give me monthly profit of twenty thousand shillings and above but it still have many expenses that needs to be paid that why would like support from you when a little stuck.

Loan Proposal

Thanks for giving me another opportunity to borrow money.The previous lone helped me alot.
Now the above that am applying i want to upgrade my computers.The computers are too slow so i want to upgrade to be more faster and increase the storage capacity so that it can hold more documents.Customers always prefer to be in a faster computer since slow computers irritates them.This will help my business to grow
I believe that you will grant me this opportunity thank you






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Classic Loan

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Mar 13, 2014

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2 months




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Sarasota, Fl, United States

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Jun 6, 2014


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Apr 9, 2014 $13.56
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Apr 16, 2014 $13.46
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Apr 24, 2014 $13.35
Apr 30, 2014 $13.66 Apr 24, 2014 $0.41
Apr 30, 2014 $13.25
May 7, 2014 $13.66 Apr 30, 2014 $0.87
May 7, 2014 $12.79
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May 28, 2014 $13.66 May 21, 2014 $1.89
May 28, 2014 $11.76
Jun 4, 2014 $13.66 May 28, 2014 $2.35
Jun 5, 2014 $11.31