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Eliud Kipyego

Nairobi City, Kenya

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About Me

I am a competent, hardworking and self motivated young entrepreneur. I believe in the notion of forging your own path to success. I was born and raised in Kasarani, Nairobi County, Kenya. I have four siblings(two sisters & two brothers)a kalenjin father and a Kikuyu mother. Currently I am in my last year of campus pursing a degree in Economics and Finance at Kenyatta University. I view myself as a great thinker and a natural policy maker and there is nothing more I believe in this world other than the accumulation of wealth through well strategized investments. Kenya being a developing country, I believe we have millions of opportunities yet to be discovered and exploited which are going to make us be at par with the rest of the developed countries. Sadly many of our people are not keen to maximize on these opportunities. This brings my point of always striving to discover any potential lucrative business loopholes be it domestic or international to capitalize on.
I started my first business when I was 19 years old, my family and I were living in Thika town back then. I used to ran Kuku Kienyeji business whereby I used to supply fresh and packaged kienyeji chicken to major restaurants and pubs in Thika town. I could best refer myself as a an infant entrepreneur back then. I ran the business for almost 6 months. I used to get my supplies from the larger Eastern province region every week. The business was successful; however, I had to join Campus at the time and my family also relocated to back Nairobi. My operations were halted by these events. The business however was a major blessing because it helped me pay for my first year tuition (ksh 131,000). I still have major plans and lucrative ideas of pursing the same line of business in the suburb areas of Nairobi but that is a pitching for another day. I have been pursuing multiple ventures since then and all of them have made me a better entrepreneur.

My Business

The main objective of almost every aspiring or established entrepreneur is to make and maximize their profits. This may depend on whatever line of business they are concentrating on. Personally, I believe in an investment strategy which I can best refer to as “Yield as you wait”. This basically means that you identify the best business idea or opportunity that is untapped, invest in and wait for you money to yield. It does not however restrict you to only unidentified opportunities, people can also engage in any common opportunities. They should just ensure that they have strategy that will give them a competitive edge over other parties in their underlying sectors.
The good thing about this investment strategy is that it allows you to be involved in as much business ventures as you can handle. Personally I am involved with a couple of opportunities I am pushing through ranging from IT to agricultural related ones. My main objective of requesting for funds support is to facilitate my potato business. After a thorough research, I decided two months ago to venture into the potato business (Changi as they are locally referred to). These are potatoes used for fries. The demand for fries in Nairobi has never hit a lag it is always soaring. I grow them myself in the rural areas. So far I have two acres that I planted back in April. I hired a piece of land in Oleguruone located in the outskirts of Nakuru district. The estimated harvest time for those is next moth July.
The funds I am requesting are for finishing up the operations of growing a 1.2 acre piece of land that I secured in Molo for the same purpose. Owing to the fact that I am not a local there, I usually hire land, prepare it for planting and also purchase and prepare the seeds to be used. I have done half of this but I need some funds to finish planting. I am somehow stuck at the moment in terms of money. I need funds to finish paying for the seeds and cater for the planting costs and fertilizer.
The potato business is among the ventures that I like to engage in and wait for the yield. I have a target of planting every single month and also increasing my planting volumes in terms of tracts of lands I hire. However, my main personal income source is the import business. I import specific rare electronics only from the US. Mainly tablets, TVs, smartphones, powerbanks, cameras among other accessories. All my products are always unique and cannot be found in the local market. I have a growing clientele because of the products I offer. For example, I deliver Windows 8.1 tablets at very affordable rates just to mention a sneak peak. All my money were tired up in purchasing stock, I have a shipment arriving latest the second week of July. I usually have two shipments coming in twice a month depending on the availability of liquid funds.I am humbly requesting for a loan so that I can salvage the situation with the ongoing potato project. Thank you

Loan Proposal

Hello, i would like to kindly submit an emphasis request for full funding.My loan application is 61% funded and it expires in 16hours.I really need the funds for my project failure of which will jeopardize it and and also risk my ability to raise my tuition fee by late September. Please, if any lender out there can hear my plea, i would highly appreciate this gesture and be fully indebted to them all.
The main reason that i am applying for this loan request is to acquire funds to facilitate and finish on a potato farming project that is currently on hold. I will use the amount to finish preparing a 1.2 piece of land, buy seeds (five bags approximately $90) and fertilizer ($30) and also cover other costs (labor and treatment of the crops = $30) I already paid for some initial start up cost including a fee to of renting the land. Once plant the potatoes i will wait for three months to harvest and supply them to consumers. I have a value added approach where if clients want, the potatoes can be delivered and packaged in a ready to consume state. I would highly appreciate some extra help in seeing this through.Thank you






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Jul 9, 2014

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