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Mixer installation

Up to now, zidisha lenders have been supportive enough. for example, i was able to build a house for my family and i rent no more, i got enough space to rear chicken and goats, now i do not buy water because i get is from the same house that i built, my children's school fees have been taken care of and they learn smoothly.

Loan to buy a fridge for my shop

The previous loan helped me to introduce some new commodities in my shop and this increased the profit margin.The profits have been very useful to me,i had been previously experiencing some financial difficulties but now my business has relatively stabilised.

Create a stock of animal feed to expand my farming business

Dear lenders,
I trust you are all doing great in your entreprises. With the loan that I received, I am able to provide monthly feeding for the animals and it helps to keep them in health. Now it's the time to transfer the sheep to the village for grazing in the farm fields. The rainy season is starting.
But here in Niamey where I live the weather isn't too kind, the temperature reaches 42 to 45 °C
Thank you for support.

Laptop, screens, and screen-separation machines

Lenders,I am enjoying paying back my loan in time because of the profit I get after buying this digitizer and lcd replacement machine.Thanks alot

Buying a fridge for milk preservation

My names are Peter Muthui, I applied for a loan at Zidisha last and was funded. I used the loan to buy new wheels for my motorcycle, a helmet and reflector for my passengers. By doing this, I was able to make more trips and increase my earnings. My customers increased since it was safer to be ferried with my motorbike. I am so grateful and Thankful to Zidisha for funding me and improving my living standards.

Buy a high-yielding Fresian dairy cow


Money to buy a deep freezer

Hello Mary, I was more than happy to assist and am so glad other lenders stepped in to help as well. I am sure Jan73 will step in to offer Yvonne encouragement and support. Just stay positive and continue to move forward towards your goals. You can do it - you have proven that already with your ability to bounce back from such difficulties!

Motorbike for transportation of commodities for retail shop

Dear Zidisha,
I am happy to inform you that the investment I made with the disbursed loan has not disappointed as I am experiencing a greater number of customers who previously needed somewhere close where they could buy cereals. At the same time, the investment has enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. I am glad to report that the demand for cereals is beyond what I had anticipated. As such, my niece and I are even happier to have made a good investment choice. Our hope is to keep supplying our customers with sufficient cereals and eggs even as we concentrate on restocking other shop commodities. Our sincere thanks go out to Zidisha lenders for believing in our progress.

Planting pawpaw and passion fruit trees

My dear lenders, thank you so much for the loan. Indeed I am so excited to manage to buy a copier as attached on photo.
I am proud of you my lenders. Thanks alot.

Purchasing an embroidery machine

Dear Lenders. I used my last loan to buy some trench coats which i was introducing into my business for the first time. Quite a number of customers have been visiting my shop since there are not many sellers of such type of clothes nearby. This has increased my profit margin with about 10%, and I use the extra profit to increase the stock of trench coats. The lifestyle of my family is gradually improving and we hope that it can only get better. Once in a while i take my family out, at times to Thompson Falls, a tourist site which is just a few kilometres from our local home.

Desktop computer and vinyl printing machine for art work

halloo lenders you have always been their for me and i realy want to thank you for everything,i was able to pay my fee and buy tools for my painting job.
i also secured a contract which gave me money that improved my life.
thank you so much GOD BLESS.

For purchasing of epson printer and laminator

Thank you for lending me the first time it was such a great opportunity to meet my clients need. I was able to deliver on time always because of the capital base i had. My earning have increased by at least 30 percent. I was also able to move into a new house. A self contained one I pay 6,000 Kenya Shillings rent now. I moved from a single room which was 4,000 Kenya Shillings. I would like to say that my life has improved so far. The new neighborhood that i moved into is really near to the bus stop. I used to walk 15 minutes to the bus stop, now I its only two minutes walk. I come to work always feeling more energized. It is also nearer to the church.
I spent the loan on purchasing the mugs for branding which i kept in stock to make my orders timely.
Here are some of the photos of the orders I got and i that really made my clients happy.

Flour, sugar and margarine for my bakery

I thank you very much this opportunity and may the Lord richly bless you. I would use this fund to buy sugar, margarine and and floor for my bakery. This would prevent me from paying the 3% interest on each of them when i use to buy them on credit.Therefore it would help to improve my income.

Winter wear

Dear lenders,i am taking this chance to really thank you for the loan you offered me.I used the money to add ladies shoes and handbags into my shop which attracted more customers and it was easy to dress a lady from head to toe and all my customers were really happy, and they even spread the word and I get other customers who give their orders through whatsap and I deliver them.
Due to winter season in our country,
the sales decreased abruptly. this is because now every person is shopping for warm cloths like coats, trenchcoats, heavy scarfs and warm boots. So hopefully with your help I will use the next loan to add this to my stock.

Need to buy watermelon seeds and fertilizer

Hello there i have made significant process for the last several week and the future looks very hopeful. I planted spinach and kales am getting about 600ksh every week and hope that in the next several weeks i shall hit the 1000ksh mark. thank for your investment in me it shall not got to waste.

Maize, millet, sorghum, etc.

Zidisha really helped grow my activités.mon turnover increased as my standard of living and that of my family. I intend to invite many of my friends to allow them to be part of the great family Zidisha.

Furtinure for my law practice business

Hi, the farming business was a success and I managed to irrigate the farm and the produce was great which I used to open my wines and spirits shop which with your help I was able to add stock to the shop and it is doing very well. I also paid part of my tuition fee from the profits from the farming business.
Thank you for your support.

Completion of my diploma course

I'm happy to write here that I succeeded in getting this really handy work table pictured here, to work on my transcription work. The chair I had identified got sold out but as soon as they re-stock it I shall collect it and update here. Once again, this would not have been possible were it not for you my lenders. Many thanks to you again and again.

Increase my stock in food retail supply

first i take this opportunity to thank all my lenders and the whole zidisha team.
I used to purchase this loan to increase my daily stock. as i indicated in my loan application, my business of for selling snacks which are easy moving and they do not last for a day. Currently, i am able to meet most of my clients demand with alot of ease. My earnings have also increased since initially, i was not able to cater my daughter's school fees but now she has enrolled in school and she is in a baby class.

Buying more layer chickens and enlarging poultry house

good news lenders,all my chicken are now laying eggs,am so happy....tho i must say it was not easy being patient for allmost two months,i collect 60eggs every day,which gives me kes 700 in a day,a total of kes4900 in a week,i thank God for this and thank you lenders,you guyz are heaven sent,may God bless you always.

Mini-pharmacy for my community

Dear lenders and family i am very grateful for all the help you have given since i joined Zidisha. My shop has grown and the impact in my community is what i am so proud of. today, the people don't have to walk miles and distance to buy basic health care drugs all due to the help you gave me that helped me to stock the shop.
I have just finished paying the second loan, i have also finish reading the books i bought. i have had my lessons and i have taking notes of them from the ups and downs of my business.
i also now have the privilege of issuing prescription drugs from the district governments hospital to which i choose just twenty people due to my capacity but i will be increasing the number .
All these have been possible due to financial assistant you have been given me. it is therefore with much gratitude and appreciation that since i have finished repaying the previous loan that i intend to apply for further help and this time around a higher amount.
I am only humbly appealing to you again as individuals and your good offices for further help and support to help me keep up with my project...
I am grateful for all the help..
thank you..

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

After visiting the three Orphans in their school,I snapped a picture with them.The one at my left handside is called Kyere Enoch,the one at my right is called Boateng Joshua and the girl infront of me is called Veronica Ofosua .
Their teacher told me Veronica's performance is excellent while Boateng and Kyere's performance are averagely good.I was told by their teacher that Veronica want to be Doctor in future.When I heard that I became much pleased.
I believe the good Lord will touch the heart of Zidisha Lenders to help me finance these Orphans.

Chairs and shaving machine for better services

Thank you very much for the money I received from zidisha money lenders through mpesa account which was a total ksh. 9526. This money I used it to purchase shaving machine and chairs. The number of customers have increased rapidly because of quick service. This has increased my income by 30%. This has made me to offer employment to one person to reduce a lot of queuing at the work place and also to buy some after shave liniment to customers to improve the services. The money has improved the living standard to my family.

Pad bags

I have been able to buy more material and hire more disabled people thanks to the Zidisha loan.
I can now afford to pay a whole semester fees without worry.
Thank you very much Zidisha team.

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

I really appreciated about the loan given to me through Zidisha Lenders.May God richly blessed them very much.Infact,they have left me from poor state to good state.I can say,i can't live without them.
I was given $179 as my second loan.I use some of them to employ five workers who are still helping me in my cocoa growing project.I used $50 to finance three(3) orphans as far as their school is concerned.I bought each a school uniform,sandals,textbooks and paid their school feeding for a term.People in my area are praising me about what i have done to the orphans.
I used $70 to buy chemicals and fertilizer.these have helped my farm against disease infection.i have applied twice of the fertilizer on the land and it is helping my farm interms of its growth.

Bicycle for ease transportation to work

My work has gotten really more exciting since I bought the digital camera. I have increased my productivity and my engagement with my community

Mobile phone payment service center

I added the loan to my float which enabled me to serve more customers and also bought phone accessories.this has improved my living standards and that of my two earnings increased by approximately 15%. thanks a lot to the zidisha community.

Kimson boutique

First of all i thank my lenders for the the support they gave me by helping me start a shoe business.The shoe business has changed my life in that i was able to take my two children to a good school since the profits i got were able to pay for them.Also i have interacted with other business people who have shared their ideas in how i can expand the business which will also continue changing my life.I thankyou very much for your support.

Buying and selling in wholesale

Hi lenders and Zidisha team am grateful on successful completion of my third loan of $504. The loan really did boost my life and business because i rented second stall which picked up very well until when i was forced to close it due to demolition to pave way for road expansion. With zidisha loan i have been capable to move to a more spacious house expand my business finished paying my wife college fees and am dreaming big with your continued support to start engaging in whole sale clothing business i.e buying in bulk (bales) as opposed to before where i used to pieces (lobes). Am also grateful for zidisha repayment schedule which is easy and adjustable. Looking forward to grow with you. THANKS

A piece of land for poultry farming

Thank you lenders for the loan , i managed to buy the pencils and school products , my business has seen a lot of improvement and in terms of customer satisfaction and money coming in .,I cant thank you enough lenders thank you so much.

Buying a desktop computer

May I take this opportunity to thank Zidisha team for their Lending which they made to .
During this time I managed to meet my clients needs and purchased stationary ( printing papers ) which has helped me on doing more of balk printing to my clients and photocopying for my business since now am experiencing an increase in clients number. I again purchased internet bundles where by now i have a good number of customers browsing in my cyber. it again helped me to pay school fee for my child whom was now happy and could not miss classes .
Am again thank full for upto this moment my clients base is still good
I am too thank full to my lender and Zidisha organization at large.

Purchasing a three in one coppier machine

Joy is currently continuing with her physiotherapy after the reconstructive surgery on her right hand which was badly disfigured as compared to her left which is pending operation after her right hand has completely healed.

Amplifier for my music system

I received $200 today. I immediately bought an amplifier in preparation for these weekend wedding .thank you so much for the loan

Loan to add more mobile phone accessories to stock my shop

The loan i received has helped me to buy more mobile phone accessories and my profit margin has increased.I thank my lender very much.

Loan to buy quality seeds and organic manure for planting

To all my worthy lenders,I am happy and thankful for your kind support in my Zidisha loan that I have already received the loan.I am on my final process with the land owner to complete the paper work so that i can lease the neighboring piece of land for my agriculture farming.To all my lenders I am thanking you all for your effort to make this a successful one.Thank you and have a great week ahead.Regards.

Introducing poultry farming

Hello lenders. I hope you are having a good evening. I am doing well,my irrigation kit has been of very very great importance and hence my income has also improved,thank you

Stock of clothing for my store

My New Brands in the Store

Art and craft

Thank you so much Zidisha for your continuous support. I received the Cash actually as i had applied for and right in time. A customer had placed an order of pens and pen holders while another placed an order of clocks and a three-in-one picture frame. Just as i was trying to live up to their demands, another asked for coat hangers so this is why i must say i received the cash on the time. I bought materials like pens, paints, pen holders themselves, and served my customer in time. Right now i am winding up clocks and the picture frame the deadline is soon so that i can come back to this third customer. Once again thank you for the loan because it has really boost me a great deal and it really keeps me going, thank you and God bless you.

Solar lamps

business is power and power is life.big thanks

Dairy farming

Hey Lenders this is my second cow by the name Grace the Great its such a friendly cow even to those who takecare of them. Grace came with a bonus i know quite a number will ask what i mean if i say it comes with the bonus. Grace the great is two months pregnant thats what i meant.

Purchase of two brand new 4x4 tyres for one of the vehicles

Hello Lenders,
Thank you so much for lending your support and money to me once again. I have received the loan that I had put up for financing to the tune of US$100. Last minute dash but the finish line finally came through.

I have already ordered for the Leaf Springs for the new project. Likely, they will have arrived and been fixed by this Friday. I am also making arrangement for the Dumpers. So the project will be good and ready to run by weekend, God willing.

I cannot express my appreciation for your support well enough. Thank you for coming through and God bless you all richly.

Pics coming up soon.

Best Regards

Food stock for my grocery shop

i am very thankfull for the loan i received on 1st june. actualy it was apprx 57dollars. this has realy boosted the stock in my grocery shop.i did use 36dollars to by 43kg of sugar,16dollars to buy 50kg of maize floor and 5dollars to buy 5kg of cooking fat. i have lots of expectations,and i do believe that the additional stock will bring an increase to my investment. to my lenders- i do appreciate you indeed. may God bless you all

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements

Hello lenders, today I managed to purchase new goods from the funds I borrowed, Power banks were out of stock so I used the funds to purchase cell phones which I have sold one piece already, power banks will be available in a matter of days. Below are photos of the goods.

Loan to pay for school fees for my daughter

Hello dear lenders, am so grateful that my laminating services are going on well, I started offering the services on 29th may and so far, i have been able to make almost $20. This is very positive news. Am charging around $0.6 per A4 size of paper and I ve been able to do 38pcs. Phocopy is also respoding positively and 1 rim is done already.will keep you updated on the progress.

Add leather materials

Thank my lenders for the receipt of $167 I receiced. It has enabled me to buy raw materials for my leather work. The materials increased my profit by 7%. The increase of my earning has help me to increase my capital. If fact I am now looking forward to purchase more materials since I have been able to get orders from one local primary school for branded school bags and motorbike seat covers. This work will need a lot of raw materials to be able to complete work on time considering the school has over 300kids under bay care.
Thank you once again, I have never seen this type of micro-lending organization ever since. It has narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor.

Laptop for my online freelance writing services

The ZIDISHA loan helped me to expand my business by enabling me to acquire more financial resources with which I bought diversified dairy products for sale to my customers. Through the loan I also obtained a second hand bicycle that made my travels to reach customers easy. The bicycle cost 60 dollars while 22 dollars were used to increase the quantity of daily products supplied, i.e Yoghurt, cheese, UHT Milk and freshly packed milk products.The profit returns doubled and enabled me to open a clothing business for my younger brother. i also used part of the profits to pay my university fee arrears.

Clothes business

honestly peaking the loan I have just completed improved my Life to the better, I was able to meet the basic needs and school fees and items for my siblings. The profit increased to double figures, from the loan of Ksh 8000, I was able to make a profit of Ksh 10000. I hope with the new loan and the demand, I will be able to make more profits. Thank you so much lenders for changing lives, God bless you!

Stock increase

I thank my lender for the money he lend to me. It helped me to buy printing/photocopy papers for my work.
These papers increased my profit by 5%. The increase of my earning has help me to increase my capital. If fact I am now looking forward to purchase more materials since I have been able to get orders from one local primary school to be typing and printing exams.
This work will need a lot of papers and photocopy ink to be able to complete work on time considering the school has over 400pupils.

Beverage fridge and security mental grill for my shop

Am very grateful to my leaders for supporting me and I was able to buy the Microwave, two banner gas cooker and the thermal flask. I say thank you for your customers are enjoying hot meal every day particular this cold season in Kenya and actually my sales have increased by 30% within those few week there is a great charge in sales turnover. thank you.

Motorbike for transportation of commodities for retail shop

Dear Zidisha lenders,
I want to confirm that I received the loan of amount Ksh 18,208 which I have invested as I had planned. As depicted in the photo, I have injected the money into buying more eggs as well as cereals. 80% of the money has gone to cereals while 20% has been used to increase the stock of eggs. One week after making this investment, I am already enjoying bigger profits since my customers now have access to a wider range of commodities. I thank you sincerely for believing in me and giving me hope of success despite the hard economic times. This is a partnership that I will always treasure since it holds the key to my future business plans. Thank you Zidisha for your benevolence and trust.