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Loan to buy two computers

Thankyou zdisha hope you will remember me.

To buy three grade cows for dairy farming

I had a fantastic experience visiting Samuel today at his home and small store in a neighborhood of Nairobi. I visited both Samuel and his cousin, Dauglas (they share a grandfather) who is his mentor as well. These cousins stick together. Since Dauglas is looking to move out of the neighborhood he is in, Samuel has given him a place to stay as well as storage space for his business computer.

Samuel is a warm and caring guy. He is thrilled over the dramatic difference he has seen in his livelihood thanks to the loans from Zidisha lenders that have allowed him to invest in his store which sells DVDs and music CDs that he is able to burn from the internet. He has also been able to purchase a printer so he can book events as a photographer. He printed a couple of photos for me while he was there. One of which was picture of his 7 month old baby girl, Gloria. I was fortunate enough to meet her since Samuel so graciously welcomed me into his home, upstairs from the DVD shop. I also met his lovely wife Janet who sliced some mango for us during the visit.

For his dad, Samuel was supposed to be a doctor. However with the help of his cousin Dauglas, he was able to convince him to help in getting his degree in electronic engineering. Samuel's father was such an advocate for his education that when times were really tough he sold a piece of his land, so Samuel could continue his studies in Nairobi. Samuel is the eldest of six children, and he has inspired his younger siblings who are also gifted in mathematics.

LIke Dauglas, Samuel is optimistic. WIth the help of Zidisha he has seen his profits multiply and he one day hopes to rent a bigger space for his business which will guaranttee a bright future for his baby girl. I can say after being lucky enough to play with her today, she is definitely worth it!

Loan to cater for my spinal therapy at kenyatta hosipital

Today I had the opportunity to meet with Dauglas, a production entrepreneur that specializes in documenting special events like weddings, graduations, funerals etc. with camera and video. He lives in Kanwaglare currently but searching for a new home in a different of neighborhood due to a difficult landlord. Dauglas is optimistic. I met him along with a newer borrower to Zidisha, Samuel Omgongi. They are actually cousins, they share and grandfather and are both from a small village outside Nairobi. Dauglas moved here first in 2006 to pursure his college education in communication. Samuel followed, inspired by his cousin, and studied electrical engineering. Dauglas helped convince Samuel's father to allow Samuel to study engineering, since his father was set on Samuel becoming a doctor. These cousins stick closely together, and while Dauglas is looking for a new location to set up shop, he stays with Samuel.

Dauglas has a wife, who he met at a church event and a 4 month old baby boy Ramsey who he named after a beloved television character because of the character's morality and what he stood for. Dauglas' shop in his old neighborhood specialized in printing, but though that one is temporarily closed he still continues production assignments. He wanted to show me the new camera that Zidisha lenders helped him buy, but his one employee was using it to capture a special event in another part of town. Dauglas is also grateful to Zidisha because the profits that he has acquired with the new camera have allowed to pay for a significant portion of his master's program that he is currently in. He is also teaching Swahili and communication at the downtown University. I may even solicit his teachings in Swahili.

He is approachable and very warm. During my visit Dauglas and Samuel invited me into their home, bought me a soda, offered me mango, and let me play with Samuel's baby girl, Gloria. They even have children only three months apart. Dauglas hopes that with continued loans from Zidisha, he will be able to build a studio and start a radio station with his wife, a computer engineer and a borrower of Zidisha. She currently owns and runs a food store. As Dauglas says "the Ocean started with a single drop" so the future is promising. I look forward to listening to that radio station one day, and hopefully by that time I will understand Swahili.
Attached are pictures of some of his photography work and our visit!

Additional stock of mobile phone accessories

Thank you zidisha lenders for giving me a loan that enabled me to expand my business. I used the money to buy an assortment of mobile phone accessories and this increased my sales drastically. I even started selling mobile phones which had been my dream for a long time.

Raising funds for shampoo basins, wash cups & utensils

At my business premise

Chicken house improvement project

I have completed the house and broughtin the improved kienyeji chicken am very hopeful that the productions will improve hopeful tomrrow I will update u with the photos .my kids arerealy happy about the support that i got from you and we also manage to add a dairy cow which is giving us 10 litres of milk and we sell to our neighbours and get money to suppport the family project .thanx very much my lenders and i will repay promptly INSHALLAH

Urgent request for home renovation (fallen house)

Hi my lenders. Attached is a T-shirt designed special for Valentines.. I have managed to sell a few. Wish you all a happy memorable day.BACK. ....WHAT A GOOD DAY..... Front ....WITH LOVE

Orange farm for my university education

Orange business

To buy some cereals for my store

Hello jane.
Its my hope you are doing well. Am sure you will be back to your business soon.
my twins were also admitted at nkubu hospital on Friday but they are recoveng. I hope to see them out very soon.
Otherwise, have a nice day.

This is our photo taken last month when I visited them at home.

Materials manufacture of brick red

Julia Kurnia (Director Zidhisa) and Didink. K. DT (volunteer Mentor) picture together while on location in the Red Rock District of Pa'jukukang Pa'lingan Bantaeng. Mrs. Julia Kurnia has visited all members and prospective members Zidhisa in the district Bantaeng and partly in the district Jeneponto. Hopefully Zidhisa always successful in developing a vision and mission to help the world as a facilitator for funders to get loans with very low interest or no interest and the borrower always maintain trust with the aim of creating a change in improving welfare.

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Julia Kurnia ( Direktur Zidhisa ) dan Didink. K. DT ( volunteer Mentor) foto bersama ketika berada di lokasi pembuatan Batu Merah di Pa'lingan Kecamatan Pa'jukukang Kabupaten Bantaeng. Ibu Julia Kurnia telah mengunjungi seluruh anggota dan calon anggota Zidhisa di Kab. Bantaeng dan sebagian di Kab. Jeneponto. Semoga Zidhisa selalu sukses dalam mengembangkan visi misinya dalam membantu masyarakat dunia sebagai fasilitator kepada para pendana untuk mendapatkan bantuan pinjaman dengan bunga yang sangat rendah ataupun tanpa bunga dan para peminjam senantiasa menjaga kepercayaan dengan tujuan terciptanya perubahan dalam meningkatkan kesejahteraan.

Inventory of a salon drier

Here is a customer so contented with my hair works.

Deposit for farmland purchase


It's been a while since I read from you.
I now miss you dearly :-) . Please throw me an email I confirm you are doing okay in kungsbacka/Sweden!


Chicks and chickfeeds

I'm happy for you that your vehicle is back in service and the impact to your business has been relieved. Many of us take for granted the reliability of our vehicles but from time to time we have to face the prospect of expensive repairs. It can be unpleasant, at least until you drive it for the first time afterwards then it's easy to forget again.

Loan for land for my livestock


Overlock sewing machine

Me and my family...

Overlock sewing machine

Me and my family and some of my work in my studio....

To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

I went downtown today and got a nice 8 litre pump and most of my materials...polythene, netting, string and insecticide to keep away spider mites and foliar fertilizer to boost root development. The netting will keep away the caterpillars. Next is to fetch the poles Friday morning and begin construction. Tomorrow I get to harvest some ripened tomatoes before spraying!

Buy some spare parts for my motor bikes

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Isaac, a young entrepreneur working in Kawangware, a neighborhood of Nairobi. Isaac embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur. He is smart, driven, persistant and very well dressed. These qualities are why at only the age of 30 he operates a team of six motorcycle taxis or "piki pikis" as they are known here. He is also the chairman of New Tuinuane, a group of community businessman that meet weekly to network and combine resources to receive higher bank loans. Tuinuane translates to "helping each other" in Swahili. While loans from local banks have helped him with the purchase of the motorcycles, he hopes that with the help of Zidisha and the benefit of far lower interest rates, he will be able to purchase spare parts in order to repair his fleet of motorcycles.

Isaac is originally from Busia, where his wife who works as a teacher, and young children still live. He moved to Nairobi 12 years ago, working first as a security guard. After saving enough money he began his business in 2007 with the purchase of 2 motorcycles. For Isaac, nothing is more important than family. He often takes the 9 hour bus ride to return home and spend time with them, sometimes he even takes one of his motorcycles. All the profits from his business go back to his family, primarily the children's education and building their family home. The spare parts will allow Isaac to have security that his motorcycles stay in good condition, which when riding the crazy dirt roads of Nairobi, vehicles easily can become beyond the point of repair.

When I was ready to go, Isaac generously offered me a ride home with one of his "piki piki" drivers. As I settled into my seat behind the driver, he jumped on behind me, so he could escort me home. Yes that is just the type of guy he is.
Here are some photos of our day! One is with Dickson, a Another zidisha borrower!

Butchery adjustment

Hi lenders, this is my Butchery which I hope will improve with your help through zidisha.

Supplies business loan

Thanks to the Zidisha family,because of you i managed to start my business.I bought a computer and printer

Help me build standard six classroom

Thank you Zidisha for helping me with the funds.I had dug a 9 by 6 pit which i have now fully built with bricks 20 feet from underground,This is to prevent the toilet from sinking.I wish to inform my lenders that with the fund you have given me,am now able to put a slab for this toilet.The slab will cost me KSH.13,000.See a photo of our old toilet and that of the new toilet in progress of being made.Thank you,zidisha,thank you my lenders.

Expand my grocery store to help pay my nursing school fees

Decided to share a smile with you and my little nephew ASHIM.Zidisha has made us a happy lot.

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop

I also spend my other times of weekends as MC for weddings.

Blow dryer

just me in my salon.

To purchase vacuum pump and a bicycle to easy transport

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lenders and the zidisha team at large.I am so grateful and indeed happy because since I joined zidisha I have been stress business has really improve and getting more than 50% of what I was making before.My living standard has as well improved since I could not afford to live in an electricity house but I have moved to a better house.I have been able to make at least 80 to 100 dollars every week.

Inventory of onions seedlings and organic fertilizer in farm

Good morning all my dear lenders.Today being on the Wednesday here in Kenya,the weather looks pretty sunny and cool.My family too are doing fine and my farm business is pushing hard to see that i feed the nation.Currently,my red onions are almost to be harvested and i expect good returns since all the customers across the nation are coming for the goods here.I am determined to see your success towards funding me being our success to all of us.Thank you so much.

Buy a new photocopier for my cyber cafe

Dear Lenders,
Zidisha is the best thing that ever happened to me. With the previous funding, I was able to increase my revenue by $80 last month after adding an extra computer in my cyber. I believe if I got more funding and bought a photocopier that is more efficient, I can make even more and my business will continue to expand. Last week I got an order to do 2000 photocopies and my small photocopier doesn't have the capacity. I plan to buy a more efficient photocopier machine to handle the ever growing demand from my customers.

Long live Zidisha. God bless you all!!

Purchase of sand and cement for blocks moulding.

My manual machine

Purchase of sand and cement for blocks moulding.

Samples of my Blocks

Raising cocoa seedlings to pay for my education

My site for nursery

Power generator for computer training school

I had the privilege of meeting Dickson Mutashe today in Kawanglare, a neighborhood of Nairobi. I am not the only one Dickson has welcomed with open arms. He is a Volunteer Mentor to over 50 other borrowers officially, as well as many unofficially who live nearby. After spending the afternoon with him, it became clear that Dickson is the type of person who is always willing to make time for everyone around him. Even while I was there, he was helping Isaac Othieno create his loan application.

Dickson has been a borrower of Zidisha for some time and with each loan has seen the Cyber Cafe expand. With his new computers he is able to offer several computer classes a day, employing two teachers who live nearby and teaching many locals who have never used a computer the basics of Microsoft Office and how to use the internet. His dream is to one day have a college or an institute where he can employ many members of the local community and provide computer education.

This dream was almost unimaginable ten years ago when Dickson moved from his village, Mumias, to Nairobi leaving behind his wife and family looking for work. Trained as an engineer, he saved money as a security guard, so he could one day be his own boss. Now, his family has long joined him and helps him out tremendously at work. Dickson uses the profits from his business to provide for them, especially in their own dreams. His eldest son, Frederick has just finished secondary school and is interested in studying human rights law, and Dickson's wife, Josephine, also has the same entrepreneurial spirit and desires to open a local shop selling household goods with the help of Zidisha.

Dickson thanks Zidisha tremendously, and shows this by helping others navigate the system by answering questions and offering moral support. It was such a pleasure visiting with him, and like the incredible host he is, he has invited me back for Ugali, a typical Kenyan dish of maize porridge. Yum!

To buy two bales of second hand shoes for resale

Doing good

Poutly farming

zidisha has real inspired me

Poutly farming

zidisha has real inspired me

Purchase a second hand incubator

The loan also assisted me to clear my balance for my masters degree in business administration.I graduated in December, with the power of education i believe i will take my business to the next level.

Goat project

thank you my dear lenders once more i was able to purchase a lactating goat with the money i was given as loan i believe God will help me achieve my dream through you.

Poultry farming

my products ready for sale

Poultry farming

still going on well

Loan to buy spiral binding machine

Hey guys, so far am good, last year being my final year in campus, i was tied up by my project research and other course work but thanks to your patience, i can now say this is the greatest online community ever. Having been through with campus am now entirely committed to my business ie self employment. Having bought the new HP MFP M175 colour printer am now enjoying the profit of good investments thanks to you again.


Distributing household construction items

Hae Matt B sorry for the delay in uploading the photos but here they are.

Barbershop inventory

Its a small room made of plywood panels but it has fed my family.Thank you Zidisha

Poultry farming

still going on well and hope to do the best

Barbershop inventory

Thank you so much for this much needed loan.The photo is me in my barbershop with a client,after shaving i apply methylated spirit on my clients heads to prevent infections.Some prefer a full head wash after a shave.

Inventory for Clothing Stall

Today is a good day

Blow dryer

my pic in my salon.

Clothes materials for clothing production

Zidisha team and my lenders has really helped me a lot for me to be where I am now i have gain recognition and and which zidisha team will keep on helping me.
Thanks a lot zidisha, this is some of the clothing I have produced


"...thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement." You are so welcome, Immerculate! It is from the heart; it truly makes me happy to be able to help at least a few people in these ways. We all need encouragement, and sometimes financial assistance, too (as promised, I will continue to follow you in case you need another loan in the future, since your current loan was already fully funded when I found your profile).
"With time i have really developed passion for organic farming, not really for monetary gains but for environment conservation and healthy food products for all." I'm so glad to hear you've developed a passion for organic farming, for environmental conservation and healthy food. I hope you will have monetary gains, too. There is nothing wrong with that, as every household needs monetary gain, at least enough to meet basic needs, plus a little extra, too. My wish is for your household eventually to be able to sustain itself without the need to go into any financial debt (actually, that is my wish for *every* household). Zidisha is so great (I'm sure you agree!) that at least any debt required for now can be obtained at very low interest rates, or even with no interest charged to lenders - as you already know, of course, but which I just discovered this past January! That's the way all lending should be. :-)
"Welcome to my farm anytime you visit this great nation." Thank you, Immerculate! What a wonderful invitation. :-) I don't know whether or not I ever would be able to travel far from home again (the last time was nearly three decades ago, soon after my husband and I got married), but if I ever could, I would love to visit your farm! It would be great to meet you, and also to purchase and try some of your organic produce! When you can, would you consider posting some pictures of the crops you're growing?
And, likewise, if you ever visit the U.S.A., you are welcome at our home, too, and I would show you my backyard vegetable garden and would share some of the produce with you. I grow produce in large pots on our back patio. My husband drills holes in the bottoms of the pots for drainage, and he made some simple wooden caddies so I can easily move the plants around. Following are a few pictures from 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 for you to see (some lettuce, zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper, baby tomatoes, radishes, green bell peppers, cantaloupe, Swiss chard, a flower on a cucumber plant, more zucchini, cucumber, Roma tomatoes, regular tomatoes, a bloom on a sweet-potato plant, jalapeño peppers, and more green bell peppers). (I'm not sure on Zidisha how to include a caption for each photo.) In the last picture, you can see two dragonflies enjoying being on the supports for one of the green bell-pepper plants. :-) 2014 unfortunately was not a good year for growing where we are, but thankfully all of the years prior to that (since 2006 when I began growing crops) were very good. Pray 2015 will be a good year for all of us - where we are and where you are, too. I am looking forward to warmer weather and the start of the growing season here. I look forward to seeing some of the pictures from your farm, too, sometime. Enjoy the work (it's the best kind!), and happy growing, Immerculate! :-)

Restocking of my second hand clothes selling business

Thanks for letting us know, please do what you need to do for your family and yourself. People are more important than money. Do your best, and do what you can when you can.

Buy new hp-photo smart printer for large work load to boost my computer business

This is my kid in her second year in preparatory school, thanks to the second loan i've just cleared her tuition fee for this term in school on time. thanks once again to the lenders who made it possible.

Business expansion loan for my wines shop

i take this time to thank my lenders and the support they gave me so far. the money i received from you enabled me to buy a refrigerator for the preservation of drinks. this has enabled me to offer quality services to my customers hence increasing my customer base.
this has led to the increase of my profits by around 15%.