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Business loan

Dear esteemed lenders, I received USD 109 and I was very grateful since I used the money to buy 3 tires for my vehicle. I am now assured of continuous business because there will be no interruptions due to worn out tires.

I take this opportunity to thank you and pray that you continue with the same spirit of helping others.

Water havesting in hortculture- agribusiness

This was the second project. it was a great success.

Help toward tuition fees for Master's degree program in Public Health

Hii, Once again i say thank you so much for ur support by giving me the loan. i managed to clear my tuition fees and did the end semester exams. thanks

School fees

Am so happy and impressed by my son's end term exams results. I know all this is because he has not being missing lessons, because has not being sent home due to lack of school fees. Lenders have made it for me and my son, may God bless them all.

To improve my poultry farm

I purchased a water pump machine with the loan, i have managed to save 300 kshs because now i dont hire from anyone, and i irrigate my farm myself and i am able to it carefully and to my satisfactory, i aslo bought 2 inch pipes and connectors to connect the water pump sucker and one for the outlet, my earnings will improve after my harvest, my daughter has been able to start schooling.

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop

Am just through with this week's exams preparing for the remaing exams next week and have some few weeks off from school before we begin the second semester.

am also glad that my business is much promising as its working out so well. i see as if my market share in the area is increasing, new and old customers is an improvement seeing i can offer them the products i couldnt that is before i joined Zidisha.

i feel so happy coz i think am on my way to a mini supermarket someday.

Thanx to my Lenders and Zidisha community at large

Photocopier machine for my typesetting service

Dear Zidisha Lenders, I have received a loan of Kshs. 9,012. I have purchased a binding machine and photocopying papers for printing services. Thank you and God bless you all.

Inventory of empty packaging bottles & increase of fruits

Hey lenders ,the consumption of juice take has increased since i bought the juice extractor from the loan that you gave to me ,i have also seen the increase in sales upto about 30%,i am so happy for the boast ,i am progressing well in business.Thank You.

Purchase of seeds for agribusiness

Of the loan i have been given, i have purchase one computer and sow more maize thus the loan I will used to explore for better business opportunity. To me the loan has charged positively my life thus i have made my business to be more and more attractive. The earning has been increased by 25% of its previous incomes. I have purchase one computer and sow more maize. Dear well fellows friends and family that the group itself is much marketable and thus it lends people with affordable loans with reasonable rates, i do further encourage my family to apply though they are analogue. My holidays interesting are to make a trip to any interesting place to enable my analogue fellow friends and family to be aware of digital things.

Field attachment and motorbike for stationery transportation

Je suis heureux parce que le prêt m'a aidé à effacer mes frais de scolarité et m'a permis d'avoir accès à la bibliothèque de l'Université. Je peux maintenant me préparer adéquatement à la fin des examens du semestre qui nous commencer dans deux semaines maintenant. J'est pour les examens pendant deux semaines à compter du 05/04/2015 à 15/05/2015. En fait, cet accès à la bibliothèque de l'Université me permet de faire mes recherches sur le « développement durable » avant la période d'examen qui fait également partie de l'examen.
[Translated by Emmanuel]
I am glad because the loan helped me to clear my tuition fee and enabled me to have access to the university library. I can now prepare myself adequately for the end of semester exams which we commence two weeks from now. I will be sitting for the exams for two weeks starting from 04/05/2015 to 15/05/2015.
Actually, this access to the university library enables me to do my research on "sustainable development" before the examination period which is also part of the exam.
[original added back in by Laurie, so that both the French and the English versions always will appear here] :)

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I am glad because the loan helped me to clear my tuition fee and enabled me to have access to the university library. I can now prepare myself adequately for the end of semester exams which we commence two weeks from now. I will be sitting for the exams for two weeks starting from 04/05/2015 to 15/05/2015.
Actually, this access to the university library enables me to do my research on "sustainable development" before the examination period which is also part of the exam.

Cutting stone blocks for building homes

I received 100 dollars from Zidisha.
I used this fund to pay more workers in the quarry.
Thanks you so much for the funds it has really helped me increase my income by 20%
God bless Zidisha.

Stock of maize to produce flour in my milling shop

With the loan i have just completed i was able to purchase stock and sell maize flour to the neighbouring schools and also residents. The increased earning i got from the sales of additional stock helped me put up another poshomill which is about to start running.I intend to use my second loan to complete the new posho mill and start work immediately.This will double my income.Thanks to Zidisha

Family-planning product inventory

This is how my work goes, i go the most deprived and neglected communitiesin my area and educate the masses on STI's, HIV aids & family planning. I do this with my small motorbike behind of the pics. I at time organise community durbar and i do one on one at other times. It has never been easy doing this work, My NGO, that is DKT has affordable contraceptives available, but the biggest problem is how to het to the most interior places where this my small motorbike cant access. After giving the education, many are interested to get a method on family planning, but the closest Health centre may be about 60kilometres, which i have to carry them one by one on this bike, to the nearest facility. You will never know how people need help unless you experience it.
At times, i wish i could do more ,but the ability and means is exhausted. I cant even carry all, that may wish to adopt to a plan when they receive the education, it is in thses communities, you will see living under a dollar for a day is a reality. All other problems of these neglected and deprived communities is a result of over population. I hope the Lord God will a day grant me a pick up vehicle to do this job to my best. The passion is there, but at times i use my profit and salary to do it, just because i cant sometimes go, when the need arises. Wish all lenders well and thanks for the loan to help people who truly needs help on this planet....Thanks for passing through.

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

Oh my God!..what?..that was pretty fast.. i was sitting here crossing my fingers hoping you guys will come through for me again...and you have. I am super excited(happy dance,happy dance)
With the finances, i will be buying a bicycle(a shimono to be precise), to assist in supplying cereals to the small restaurants around town. This will help give my business a major boost, and be able to adequately meet my personal and business needs.
Words cannot possibly describe the feeling i have right now, the future has so much possibility right my lenders, shukran,shukran shukran(means a lot of 'thank yous' in swahili)

Farming of cash crop

Dear Lenders,
I have just completed my loan repayment. With my previous loan, I was able to reclaim land that was idle by ensuring that it was put into good use, with the help of nearby Turasha River though seasonal, I was able to plant feeder crops which went along way in increaing my milk production. My wife has been so helpful in the said project as she wa in it full time. with the proceeds from milk sales and potatoes harvested, I was able to clear fees for my daughter who passed so well in her KCSE and is due to join university in due course. For the last few months this area has been so dry and only those near the river took advantage to water their farms, however the situation got worse when the river almost dried up and authorities requested that people dont use water from the river for farming which at the time I was harvesting so i was not majorly affected.

Purchase school stationery for educational supplies business

We can see far beyond the horizons not because we are tall but because we stand on the back of the giants. I now close after the days work. My wife and I received a refrigerator from Coca cola today. We have stocked Coca cola soft drinks and now our customers and visitors will get their favourite drinks as they wait to be served. This was my wives idea and I support it for it will generate some income for our business.

Spares and containers for my business

This uploaded shows me in my business enterprise and the stock increment thanks to zidisha loans. Many Thanks

Beverage fridge and security mental grill for my shop

Am very great full to my Leaders and all Zidisha community for giving me the money to boost my business i was able to construct nice shop display and now I can be able to put more product on the display and the storage facilitate is good my customers can see what am selling very well my proper displaying of my items and better storage facilitate have boosted my sale income since I can be able to store more good that are of high demand by customers this high sale turnover has actually increased my daily profit by 35% and am very happy an ending to the right direction to increase more stock and more income

Beehive equipment and branded packaging for my honey business

I just returned from the farm and wants to update my wonderful lenders on progress of work on my honey production business.

This is one of the routine check up aimed at looking at the conditions in the already colonised hives and also to bait newly installed and yet to be colonised hives.

I am very grateful for the assistance and wish to receive more after my last installment payment on April 19, 2015.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Dear my lenders and the entire zidsha team; am glad to let you know that am fine and working hard as usual; the heavy rain in Kenya is not affecting the running of my business; to be precise, this being the month of april; schools are closed, my main clients are school going children, this means my daily and weekly income is expected to be low; since the tenders from parents to take their children to school are dormant until schools reopens next month' But am happy to let you know that the rains are really being a boost to my business, every time it starts raining, my competitors are driven off since most of them lack umbrellas on their motorbikes. my work doubles due to the fact that i have the umbrella on my bike and the heavy reflective jackets that enables me to work comfortably on rain. Indeed were it not the loan i received to buy this items, my work could have gone down to zero on this month of April. Honestly, i really appreciate your presence in my business, am able to submit my weekly payments even in this month of hardship in my transport business, Thank you.

Supply of medicines for my pharmacy

Am greatly humbled by this gesture by Lenders for this Loan on behalf of Dawalane Chemists staff.
Heavy rain is still pounding our neighborhood with devastating health effects as poor drainage and flooding sewerage grounds for breeding mosquitoes and snails that cause Malaria and Bilharzia hence this loan will be used to majorly buy drugs for malaria and bilharzia.
April is always World Malaria awareness Month, this loan has come at opportune time that will enable us offer quantity drugs at subsidized cost to the community.
The proceeds from the sales will be used to repay the loan in time, re-stock the chemist with more antibiotics , on- job training for my wife on computerized point of sales, salaries for staff and family upkeep.
Regards Zidisha Team,Mentors and Lenders.

Loan to buy a second motorcycle

I was flashing back on the time prior to my loan and i take this opportunity to thank my lenders and Zidisha team. Before the loan, i didn't have public service insurance for my motor cycle and the young man who operates the boda boda was going hungry and idle. Thanks to Zidisha, he is always a jovial man nowadays, also the daily earning from the business of $ 5.5 has really helped me in taking care of my daughter who is due for open heart surgery. Thanks a lot for your prayers because the pressure that came with the bad news of my daughters illness has gone down as the Lord is sending people to stand with me. The business has also picked up because of the rainy season that comes with many opportunities and activities.

Thanks and regards,


Upgrade grocery stall and purchase fresh produce

My business is doing wonders here,. Its raining but am happy that the new roof is a real benefit to me because there are no more leaking roofs....THANK YOU

Inventory of a brand new hair drier machine to my salon

To all my lenders,I am greatful for the support you have been giving my small salon.I can see that since i added the new blow-drier,my customers have been waiting for less time compared to the time they had been waiting initially.I tell you this"YOU ARE STRONG & GOOD PEOPLE ON EARTH,ready to assist small businesses like mine to be a big entrepreneur in near future.Thank you all & have a super day.
Reginah Nduku Mwelo

Loan to purchase land for poultry farming

hey lenders..thank you once again for the loan you accorded me..i recently finished paying my university fees for my final year from the proceeds i raised from my at now i feel i can pay more...

Selling fruit & selling meat

Hi!my lenders.Am very thankful for your support that you have really shown.In fact I received the funds and channeled in business as follows.100us$ in water melon,us$30 in oranges.with such boost ,I inted to a profit increase of over 50%.The introduction of another variety will enable the number of customers to increase which in return will bring good business.Mine is to wish you all the best.

Opening a catfish restaurant

makanan di cafe saya...
sekarang saya sedang merintis lagi usaha saya...
saya ucapkan terima kasi ke pada para pendana

Field attachment and motorbike for stationery transportation

Ich freue mich, den genauen Betrag des Darlehens, die ich fragte, das eigentlich mir viel geholfen hat bei der Erfüllung meiner Aufgabe meine Studiengebühren zu bezahlen erhalten haben und haben Zugriff auf die Bibliothek, wie ich mein Ende Semester Prüfung vorzubereiten, die in zwei Wochen ist.
Hiermit biete ich meine Gratitudes für alle Kreditgeber für die Finanzierung dieses Darlehen in Höhe von $50,00. Kudos an euch alle, Sie haben wirklich ermutigt mich wie nie zuvor, Gott segne Sie reichlich.

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I am pleased to have received the exact amount of the loan I asked, this has actually helped me alot in accomplishing my task of paying my tuition fee and have access to the library as I prepare for my end of semester exam which is in two weeks time.
I do hereby offer my gratitudes to all lenders for funding this loan of $50.00. Kudos to you all, you have really encouraged me like never before, may God bless you abundantly.

Inventory for my shop

To my lenders,I thank you all for your support because I received a loan from you and it helped me add stock to my grocery shop and I have managed to raise my profit margin from ksh 500 to ksh 1000 on a daily basis and now I will b able to educate my son through high school,

Expansion of school compound

Really thank you The Zidisha team ,my lenders, and kwanya for introducing me to you. With your help,i purchased quality furniture for my playhouse and this has helped lift up my business standards. My earnings have increased by 30% part of which i'm saving up to grow my business in terms of kids play items for example bouncing castles and so on. Hopefully with your help i will achieve bigger profits...

Loan to set up a football watching auditorium

Day in day out, I acknowledge the sacrifices of our lenders. it is such a hard thing to come by to find people who are so willing to help others in need with the money that they have toiled to get. there is no equal thing that can repay your generosity. I have come to love zidisha, I have come to love the lenders and I pray for God's blessings into your work. I wish to also plead with beneficiaries to be trustworthy and always repay their loans on time so as to give lenders the opportunity to help those in need.
thank you all

More commercial food stuff

Hi my lenders my business is doing well. Thanks a lot for lending as this has uplifted my living standard. My family is enjoying food bought on a whole sale prices . thus enabling me save some coins

Expand sachet (bagged) water business to provide clean water

i have received the loan and i have made preparations to use the money to buy more equipments to treat the water. i thank my lenders . i received $105.23. am very much grateful to my lenders. thank you and God bless you.

Purchase disease-resistant maize seedlings

Hello Lenders

Thanks for the loan,i received 100 dollars.I was able to buy the maize seedlings from Kenya seeds H520.Thanks for the support am looking forward to working with you.

Kind Regards

Loan to buy seedlings for planting

I am happy for ZIDISHA Lender! You have me to believe in a good life!!! My farm is doing very well...the 1st ZIDISHA loan has helped me so much...thanks for your support.

Making new welding machines

Hi lenders and the team you always make my work running nicely when customer came every thing is ready i thank you all to that assist God bless you all lenders

Equiping my new cyber cafe

May I take this opportunity to very sincerely thank the donors and lenders of Zidisha for the financial support they offer to new and young entrepreneurs who want to grow financially. I was introduced to Zidisha by a friend who encouraged me to apply for a loan; I was granted the opportunity by Zidisha and I managed to clear the outstanding balance on the Epson Stylus Photo PX660 which I had bought.

The new machine has come with great fortunes as I have started producing instant photo passports. This venture has greatly increased my income and as per now, I’m doing a lot of savings and I’m looking forward to my next loan of which together with my savings, I would like to purchase a Kyocera photocopier.

I would like therefore to encourage my fellow applicants to do their best whenever they receive such a favour.

“Long Live Zidisha and its lenders”

Loan to expand clothing business

Thank you lenders for the great work that you are doing especially for the youths.With the first loan that i received i was able to add my savings and i increased my stock of clothes.
Last month the sales were bit down and they did not meet my expectations.I am monitoring on this months sales to see how the performance will be.
I am thinking on starting a different line of business whereby i want to indulge in selling cereals.But this will be later on if this boutique will not have returns.
I would really appreciate any kind of advice given to me.
Thank you once again for the great work you are doing.

Purchase of a fridge and stationery material

Thanks to the zidisha lenders team who funded my loan of $ 50 i received the money and can proudly say that it helped me towards the purchase of a modern printer which am now using in my cyber cafe business, it as really helped towards serving the number of customers which is increasing every day.

To continue adding more stocks of fabrics

I received total loans of USD 100 the picture just shows 10 seats that I added to my existing stocks. I also bought two large cooking pots that have been very useful to functions in church weddings and even home parties. I want to continue buying and replacing my old stock due to demand. I look forward to excelling hand in hand with Zidisha. If I get my next loan I would like to purchase a bigger burner cost Kshs 7,000/= and add 100 seats each costing Ksh 500. Eventually also replace tents. 100 seater capacity will cost @100,000/= . However I would like to also get a commercial place due to storage and efficiency since currently I am operating from my house
I look forward to benefiting from Zidisha and also help to empower others to use Zidisha.

Phellnell given shop

first and far most, i want to congratulate Zidisha for making me the way i am now. i increased my income and now i am able to pay more than 656 (ksh) i used to pay before..have repaid my loan to up to 80% and i want to enjoy Zidisha even more...thanks I am looking forward to working with zidisha even more.

Upgrade grocery stall and purchase fresh produce

Hi team
a greatful that i received my first loan from Zidisha.
Since it was my first time, there was the registration fee needed and it was deducted upfront from the total amount, thus i received KSHS 1524.
I bought 2 pieces of galvanized iron sheets and nails to repair the roof.
Am very humbled and i appreciate. I will be sending the photo once the repairs are over.

Inventory of raw materials for my growing herbal shop

Thank you so very much for your continued support.
It was a relief to have my first online loan which actually came through when l needed it the most.
It enabled the purchase of more herbal products hence boosting my stock and thereby boosting the confidence levels within my customers. This intern has boosted the turnovers of my business and so are the profits. Actually my profits has increased with more than 10% which is a significant increase to start with.
This profits, have bn used to circulate within the purchase of more products with the ultimate aim of stabilizing the flow of the business and maximizing the profits.
Nevertheless, this cash has however been felt by my immediate family. I can't refute the fact that the have enjoyed life with less stress. It's been amazing.
It's my humble request and prayer that God will strengthen your capability to continue with the good work. Hope to communicate more in the course.
Thanks once more and God bless

Introduce different types of weaves and braids to my salon

thank you so much zidisha for my previous loan as i managed to employ another worker since customers increased in number and i could not manage to work alone. this lead to increase in my income thus leading to increase in profit. thank you so much and God bless you all

Replenish my stock of women's and girls' clothing/shoes

Dear lenders, the loan i have just repaid helped me a great deal in that i managed to improve my business by buying more cloths and in so doing my sales increased.
My clients were happy to get what they wanted and my profit went up. during Easter holidays i managed to buy my children new cloths thanks to the gains made from the loan.

I believe your continued support to this course of funding borrowers will go a long way to uplift many a peoples life.

My word to you is, keep it up and we borrowers wont let you down. Once more i say thank you.

Loan to expand my cosmetic business

I receive an amount of 297ghc from zidisha, this money came just
about the right time. It came at a time i needed money to buy items
for my shop. I used the money to buy perfumes and creams to stock up my shop.
I am highly grateful to the lenders for this kind gesture

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

Dear Lenders, this is an account on how I use the loan you gave me. I was able to purchase wood for the shelves making. I took a capenter and he has prepare it nicely.It can now accomodate more mushroom compost bags prepared for growing. The Oyster mushroom spawn together with mushroom growing bags have been bought. I know very soon new cycle will begin , I am waiting for sawdust to start with the preparation of the mushroom compost. Once again,God bless you all for your care love to see our business growing.

Loan to buy more fabrics and sales supplies

Its been a great experience here at Zidisha. I have made more sales compared to previous case when i had not received financing.
I look forward to grow more with the new loan i get once i finish this one. Thanks to u lenders

Supporting brilliant but needy girls in school

Dear lenders
Thank you very much for the first loan. I am happy to let you know that I have fully repaid my loan.
I bought mostly African beads and jewelries and ear rings etc. These items sell quickly. It increased my profit margin by 40%. I used the profit to stock in more African beauty products.
I had fun with my family and the my two girls this easter.
This two girls are actually making me feel proud. Their academic records this term has been very impressive. I will see them through to the university with your help. Help to be able to help others.
Below is a picture of my self and my two girls.