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Provisions and solar lamps for my store

Thank u lenders my store is 80% full in business is running well all because of ur help.l thank you very much...

Fees for my education

Hello lenders let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for the good work you are doing especially to my life. I am one of those who have benefited through your lending. My business has really increased the profit and i have take a girl who was so disparate with a young child and she was not working i was able to employe her. I am also happy i was able to pay for my daughter a trip to Nakuru. Thank you once more may God bless you abundantly.

Supply of stationery

Dear members,
I am glad to have joined Zidisha. Being in Zidisha have helped me increase my sales. I have managed to increase more stock and i am now supplying more customers. I am targeting that in the next few months i will be able to get a bigger shop. Being with you is the best option. Thanks and be blessed

Farming and sales of cashew nuts

I want to thank the entire zidisha community and my lenders for the opportunity granted me to help me in my business. Through the assistance from zidisha, I was able to purchase a total of ten bags(1 ton) of cashew nuts for resale. I have also increased my two hectare farm by two. I have also employed two farm hands to help in weeding,pruning and spraying of my farm against next season. I'm convinced that your continuous support would go a long way in helping me realize my dream of helping the needy in my community. May the good lord continue to bless the lenders and the zidisha community at large. I'm grateful !

Play station 3 and 4 for games business, school fees

I would like to send my appreciation to all lenders and zidisha team for their financial and advice which has not only enabled me buy machines for my movie library but also change my life completely.
Its a blessing to see how i have slowly increased my profits bought machines and pay my rents and workers on time.
its now four months with the loan recently received i bought a duplicator machine a power surge protector extension cable.
My business is running smoothly and my savings account is increasing.
thanks to God and all you zidisha team and lenders indeed i will continue to introduce my friends and pay the loans as required.
thank you so much in Swahili we say .{AS ANTE SANA}

Laptop, screens, and screen-separation machines

Once again I would like to thank the zidisha team for giving me the opportunity to buy this digitizer and Lcd separator machine (included in the photo below).
It's now one week since I bought this machine and I can feel the difference in terms of the time I was wasting while going to other technicians.It's my pleasure now to see new customers coming to my business after doing advertisement to my colleagues in this mobile phone technology field.Thanks to zidisha who made me install zuku in my workshop via the profit I got after my first loan on buying computer.
I can now enjoy some time with my family after I got this machine because I won't spend whole weekend out at my fellow technicians repairing my clients phones.

Diapers and sanitary towels for general shop

Hi.. I would like to thank my lenders for their financial support, which has enabled me to grow my business by almost 50%. I would appreciate if you continue supporting me to grow my shop business. Thank you very much.

Modern printing machine

Good morning lender,
Thank you so much for believing in me, my first loan has impacted my life in a very big way. My business has at least flourish, am able to do photocopy, printing and distributing photocopy paper in different institution. Have also managed to pay my sister computer package fee, paying my bills on time and I managed to take my daughter at her grandparent on Ester holiday without depending on my husband financial assistance which to me it’s great achievement. Thank you in believe in women empowerment

Purchase more fabrics for my apron business

Hi my name is Jesse Wainaina the 1st born to a family of Four. I have lot of thanks to the Zidisha Family for the support they gave me in my apron business. The little money that I got has made me have a business that has made me employ at least 2 part time staff. The marketing skills from mentors has also increased my sales and profit. Currently with the help of the business I was able to support partly my sister collage fees and from extra saving I have been able to secure a rental premises for my next project. Day care Center for children under five.
Thank you Zidisha for making it happen live long zidisha for your kind heart. God bless you

Electric sewing machine to increase dress production

I am making enough profits approximately 69% from the bulk purchases of cloth I bought. Thanks to my lenders everyone for your support.

To purchase a chemistry semi-automated analyer for my lab

Thank God with the help of all my lenders I have purchased my centrifuge this morning.
This machine will increase my turn around time over 60% and increase my profit over 50 %.
Am very happy and grateful to all my lenders. God bless you all.

Vegetables and fruits for grocery

i would like to increase the installment amount from ksh300 to khs500 due to increased sales. The business of veges and fruits has really increased and also has really helped me to buy my school equipment and also my school needs are really met. Thanks a lot to Zidisha.

Purchase new utensils for my cafeteria

Thank you so much Lenders and Zidisha Community team for my first loan. i was able to purchase plates,cups and three cooking pot. This brought a big difference in my business since i was able to serve many customers than before. My profit increased by 30% which enabled me to pay rent,my co-workers and pay other monthly bills.Through the income i was able to pay school fees for my younger siblings.
Thank you once again for your support.

Purchase more stationary and also invest in cookies

Thanks lenders for continued support of by stationary business, I am very happy because the profits I have been making they cover about 60% Of my total expense i know within the next 3 months the profits will cover 100% of my expense. Guys without your sacrifice I could not be in this business. Please continue with the good work and God will repay you 100 folds. I have leaned that through the business you can make bigger steps in life and change from ordinary person to an extra ordinary person. My brains are wide open and my way of thinking has improved .My family is very happy and they call me blessed and a caring father. Cheers keep up your motto of helping unprevileges people

Laptop so i can work at home after official working hours

Thanks So much to the zidisha lenders for considering to support by business. I appreciate you so much for disbursing the loan to me, and i would like to inform you that since my intent for the loan was to purchase a laptop, as you know that almost 90% of the loan disbursed was deducted for the registration and processing fees, actually i could do little with the remaining Shs.506. I therefore have used the money to service my HP printer that had been broken down. I can say that now i can print directly from my business premises and that has reduced a lot of my movement. i have also saved time and money that i have been spending on taking my work to be printed for payment elsewhere. My business has gone upward of course out of the assistance you have extended to me. Thank you so much. God Bless Zidisha, God bless Zidisha Lenders. Lydia.

A piece of land for poultry farming

I to thank all the lenders for giving me an opportunity to improve my business through their funding , i was able to add more inventory and therefore my profit margin improved by 5% ,i have now completed paying that loan and i continue to request you to please continue funding my next loan so that i will continue to improve.Thank you and may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU abundantly.

Computers and printers for my cyber cafe

Dear lenders, with your loan I was able to increase the speed of my connection donate my work is Cyber cafe. before I was earning $ 12 a day, but now I earn $ 20 per day. So I want to thank you wholeheartedly for having lent me money; mercie to all Zidisha team; mercie lenders that God gives long life to Zidisha.

Adding a motorbike

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lenders and Zidisha community.I was able to buy new stock for jackets which was in great demand during this rainy season .I was able to also add trousers in my stock.With the increase in stock my profit margin increased by 30%.I used the increase to pay my monthly bills and also re-investing further .I also paid fees for my child.
I am aiming to add more stock of shirts, jackets and trousers using my next my next loan

Tools of work

As earlier mentioned, I am in a group called Eagle ladies. We do table banking at-least once in a month. We have been active for 6 months. We are still figuring out how we will move to the next level. There are so many ideas on the table. I hope we will soon settle and do something constructive. That's me in the picture - with my hands raised up - explaining how much I wanted to invest. The minimum we invest is 200ksh.

Chicken farming for eggs production

Due to introduction of new washing machine in my salon shop i was able to serve many customers has compared when i was doing manually.Before, customers were to go to other salon to be washed then come back for other services ,others even don't come back,therefore i was losing much.But currently i thank God i am making a profit even double on what i was getting before.Therefore i am requesting to increase my loan repayment to 7617 kes.Thanks my lenders,God bless you for your support so far.

Computer training college

i just say thank you dear lenders for this greatness you brought to me through my business. this is how i spend the loan you gave to me.
1. i constructed the computer units.
2. bought new computers and
3. bought strong durable seats.
4. 2 wall fans for cooling the room when its hot.
as can be seen from the photos attached.

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements

Today am happy to have been able to finish paying the last installment of my 1st loan.I want to thank the lenders who gave me an apportunity to grow my business with your generous lending. This experience has tought me financial decipline and planning. I was able to make a profit of over 100% from the loan in one month and this has enabled me to even pay back before time. I still need your kind asistance as I come for my next borrowing. Below I posted photos of some of new items that I introduced in my stock.

Second-Hand Tyres & Rims for My Shop

I have ordered for goods I no buy the time my loan will be fully fund,I will get money to pay for them.I thank zidisha for this loan initiative.its really a good thing and must be continued.I no the lifes of many people will improve.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Dear my lenders and the entire zidisha team; Please note that i was able to buy new tyres for my motorbike and am now working very comfortably' my job doing even much better than ever, i make all journeys to my client destinations without punctures on the way, Thanks for your loan. Again note that i am ready to start repaying my loan come 24th as shown in my loan repayment schadule. I wish you a blessed peaceful evening.

Loan to purchase a laptop for business and for blogging

We have printed our first flyer!! Hurray!! :)
Designed it myself. Thanks, Zidisha, for making this happen!!

Family house & shops

A big Thank you Zidisha team for your help.The loan I acquired from you improved business income as a result my wife has enrolled in college to better her skill in fashion design.this is a big boost to my family as once she graduates in two years time the I will be forever grateful.Thank you for continued help and may you be blessed .

To improve my poultry farm

With the loan i purchase a water pump machine that uses petrol and it has the ability to pump water at a very high speed and low, its also fuel efficient, this has enabled me to save the money that i used to hire the water pump machine every 4 times a week, now i have my own and i can irrigate it whenever the crops require water,what has happened is that i am now able to save more from my earnings,the savings have been able to save for an emergency and pay my rent in time, send my daughter to school.I very grateful to all the lenders and zidisha as i grow in business i want to make sure that i am disciplined to remain on my plan.

Farming cassava, yam, plantain & sweet potato

All the Lenders of Zidisha, my farm business is well growing by your helping hand. These are some of the yams i have uprooted. I and my grandmother and families will use it, and also use some of them to pound fufu to eat. But we will sell more of them.

Thank you, your support is very appreciated. May the Lord Almighty bless you all.

Loan for inventory of stationery to expand bookshop

Dear Lenders, I have added many exercise books, note books, math sets, ruler, dictionaries, pens, pencils and many. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

I promise not to fail my repayment, I will surely obey by the rules and regulation of Zidisha. Thank you all the Lenders.

Expand my mobile money transfer business

l have received the amount of GHC 422 has my loan fund from Zidisha.l will used it to pay my daughter school fees.Thanks to all who supported me and my child.

Electrical support systems, cables & fittings

Hey Zidisha lenders and the management, I want to extend my warm regards to you all. I am indeed thankful for your lending support and I say that my profit and capital have since increased in 2.4% since I joined the Zidisha lending community and I will always thank you for your lending.

Sheep fattening

Bonsoir à tous,

En effet, oui j'ai reçu le montant vous avez bien voulu me prêter pour faire properer mon commerce. trouver ici toute ma reconnaissance et remerciements pour ce geste de solidarité. j'ai utiliser cet argent pour vacciné des moutons et acheté 5 sacs de tourtaux de cotons pour l'engraissement avant la mise sur le marché dans trois ou quatre mois avenire.

Merci à vous tous
Merci à Zidisha

Abankawel Ilitinine

Purchase more medicine and shelves for pharmacy

Hello to you all my lenders! I am very happy to inform you that the loan you gave me really helped me in adding more medicine to my pharmacy and even add more shelves . I thank you so much because it has made a difference in my business and my family is happy as well as the community i serve too.Thanks and God bless!

Laptop and modem for education consulting & tutoring business

Dear zidisha and Lenders,
I bough a Samsung laptop and a modem. Now communication with my clients has improved very much and I expect the profit to be much higher moving forward. I have been able to reduce on phone bills with the tutors concerning the updates on students they are working with. I will be digitizing all paperwork to an organized record that can be backed up on Dropbox.

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

Hi zidisha lenders,i greet u all.through your help,i have been able to employ five workers .i have able to transplant three thousand cocoa seedlings .
am in the middle wearing blue shirt.
i thank zidisha lenders for helping me working towards my goal

Computer accessories for my cybercafé

Hi zidisha I am still on with my business despite much commitments but at least now I have gotten a chance to say hi to you. I have started producing some small videos for my clients. I took some clips with my small digital camera but I found that it is working good and I am gaining some knowledge on video editing, I believe as time goes by will be a leading video producer/editor in future. because I found that video editing needs much time and a powerful computer I will purchase one for that kind of service.
I again say thank you for your support and generous contribution may God bless you.

Loan to purchase a laptop for business and for blogging

Hello Laurie,

Definitely, I will take pictures next week when I go.
I had already decided on that.

The scale was delivered yesterday. Its a small device,
but it's very accurate. I have posted a picture below.


Clothes inventory for high season

My new stock, thanks to Zidisha loan.

Feed for my broiler chicken

My first loan helped a great deal in buying one and half bags of chicken feed. Initially I could not afford the full cost of rearing 350 chicken. I would book the day old chicks, buy starter feed for the chicks then start sourcing for additional money to buy the feeds that will sustain them to maturity. This I could borrow from friends and then refund after sale of the chicken.
This loan has given me a bit of standing in my business so that the amount I used to borrow from friends sometimes with higher interest than that of Zidisha has reduced and will further reduce with my next loan until the point at which I will be able to manage a full cycle of chicken from week one to six(maturity) without borrowing any money.

Pedicure equipments for my new salon

A wedding card

Loan to upgrade my clothes production skills

This are the materials I bought with the money for my business. Thank you lenders

Expansion of pig farm

I am grateful to let my cherishable lenders know that i was able to use my first loan to purchase the quantity of feed i intended to buy. I was also able to buy roofing sheets to construct new structures to keep the pigs. This also allowed me to employ two more people to help me on the farm. By the grace of God there has been a marginal increase in the amount of profit I generate each week. As a result, i am able to cater for all my family members by providing them three meals daily. I have applied for another loan to help me to buy additional feed due to an increase in the number of pigs on board. I intend to add other livestock like goat and sheep to the already existing pigs. I will like to say thank you to all zidisha lenders for making my dream and my business to flourish.

Buy wi-fi gadget and router for supplying Internet service

am thankful for the mazing zidisha team,my business have grown and have now moved to the new office ,kudos

Addition of a computer and cable for networking

this is how my cyber looks.

Mens trousers and shirts,women clothes and suit case

just because of you my lenders

Inventory of men's and women's materials for my tailoring shop

All thanks comes to you zidisha for making from nothing to something for expansion of my Tailoring shop.Congratulation my zidisha lenders may god keep up to continue boosting us.

Inventory of men's and women's materials for my tailoring shop

_with the loan funds i purchased men and women brand new materials.

-These purchase has added many regular customers to my tailoring shop no struggle on how to get the material the customers need now is at hand
_my earnings is now positive i can make good interest that is 70% which i have never made when i used to struggle alone.
_The increased earning i have used to add materials and items of tailoring,i can pay rent positively,.
_my family i can meet all basic needs and my life is changed indeed,my children they are studying good schools.
_with my neighbor i have managed to transform orphans by meeting their basic needs and they are thankful for the little sharing with them

Eel and Catfish farming

Salam sukses untuk kita semua. saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih atas bantuan pinjaman yang telah di berikan kepada saya sehingga saya dapat memajukan usaha budidaya ikan lele yang sedang saya jalani. dan pinjaman tersebut membuat usaha tersebut semakin berkembang sedikit demi sedikit sehingga membantu menambah penghasilan keuangan saya sehingga keluarga saya menjadi lebih baik. dan saya dapat menafkahi keluarga saya dan terutama anak saya yang baru saja lahir. yaitu anak pertama saya yang lair di rumah sakit dengan cara sesar. dan hasil dari usaha tersebut dapat membiayai biaya persalinan anak pertama kami. kemudian saya dapat membayar angsuran zidisha dengan lancar dan sekarang sudah lunas. saya berharap kepada tem zidisha dan para pendana dapat membantu saya kembali untuk usha saya. Saya Ucapkan Trimakasih yang sebesar besarnaya.

Salam Hormat
feri priatno

Puchasing new laptop supporting online sales woodpellet

Today 12 May 2015 is my birthday.. and happy birthday to me.. wish me All The Best :) and Zidisha wish can Help everyone forever.. !!

Keep Success !!

Add more variety to my fabric shop to support my education

Dear Lenders, my loan is fully repaid. Now the business is rising by your support. May God bless you.