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New clothes stock for my business

Hi lenders through zidisha. I kindly appreciate the loan that you gave me. It really boosted my business of clothes selling at 30%.May God bless you in abundance. I used the profit I got from the sales to pay part of my children's school fees.

Purchase produce to expand my stock

This is great Love .
Giving a loan to someone you have never met!
Am so grateful and all I can do is say THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND BE BLESSED ALL.
I will strive to copy you and help others in any small or big way I can. God bless ZIDISHA AND ALL IT LENDERS.

Loan to expand my business

Hi, i received my loan of 19904 kenyan shilling testerday. I will use the loan to buy a solar panel, with which i will use in my baber shop because i live in an area that has no electricty.

Thank you for accepting to support me

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

hi stephen Akuno you are in luck I did cabbage in my farm last season a it did great.all you need first buy hybrid seeds for best results.we have baraka f1, practor and Pretoria are the best seeds.prepare your nursery and after 3 to 4 weeks they are ready to transplant .prepare your land in flows or holes with a spacing of 45cm all around the plant and ensure you use d.a.p when transplanting ( one bottle top should be enough per plant.) then ensure you apply enough manure to the plant. use all the necessary fungicides and pesticides and foliar fertilizer.


Tuition for my last year of university

Hello Lenders,
I am glad to have held to my promise of repaying my loan on time, and thankful to you for you made made this happen-- I couldn't have done that if you had not first loaned me. And my computer, the computer you helped me purchase, has always been of prompt help whenever I am to respond to clients requests, and also for my university education. I will be posting photos to authenticate all this. It is authentic as I say it, anyway!

I hope to keep a rewarding relationship with Zidisha! Thank you Zidisha, and dear Lenders.

Warmest regards,

My edible-mushroom production

Dear Lenders, thanks for granting me the loan. I have been able to buy new stock of mushroom compost to increase and replace the old stock. This loan has provided a continuous production of my mushroom business. My customers are now satisfied with what l do and so am I. My family's needs are also being taken care of per the profit I get from my business. I must confess, loan from Zidisha is a big relief to my business. I am most grateful.

Egg incubator for poultry farm

Thank you so much dear lenders for helping us again.Indeed you have given a decent classroom for 36 poor pupils here in the village of East Africa.Since you started helping us,our lives have changed for the better.Thank you for the loan.

Purchasing an embroidery machine

Dear Lenders, much thanks for awarding me my previous loan. I have done quite a lot with my previous loan including buying of handbags and shoes for women, as an extra product in my cloth business. I have created a lot of convenience to many women who can now shop a considerable number of items under one roof. My earnings are increasing gradually and currently the increase is ranging between 15 to 20 %. Part of the profit is what i use to expand the business and the rest provide for my family. I'm also now in a position to take my family for an outing though not very frequently at the moment. I'm happy with the progress and i believe with discipline, determination and dedication i will get to where i dream of. May you continue supporting me in my quest to achieve my dreams and my the Almighty God bless you abundantly.

Residential house construction

Let me begin by saying thank to my lenders and the entire Zidisha Team for your continued support. Before i joined Zidisha my small business was generating a monthly profit of about $500, your first loan saw my profit go up by 8%. Your second funding of my project enable my profits grow with another 12% and your third lending grew my profit with about 16%. Your fourth lending allowed me to partly purchase a motor bike to help me run my business. Though business is a bit low this season i am currently enjoying monthly profits of about $702 of which i spend $115 for rent, $120 i pay myself a salary, $110 i pay my wife who helps me run the business, $40 takes care of utility bills, $92 goes for savings and the rest goes for reinvestment in growing the business. Thanks to you by the end of the year i will manage to take my family for a holiday to our Kenyan Coast where i have budgeted for about $320

Bussiness financing loan

Good morning good people!
Thank you for granting my loan request.
The fund shall be used in increase stock of the consumables in the office in an effort to boost my production. When the production is boosted, this will eventually enhance client confidence and will eventually be seen in increasing asset base in the business.
Once again, much thanks for Zidisha supporters for their efforts in supporting the young entrepreneurs.

Computers for my cyber cafe

My first loan was a turning point in my life. I was able to open another cyber shop at Msabaha trading centre where I offer the following services:
1. Stationeries
2. Photocopy & photo printing
3. Typesetting & scanning
4. Internet services using Wi-Fi
5. Movie library

To add on that, I have also been able to start online courses at Eliademy Academy pursuing Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise.

I also managed to rent a room for computer lessons in my village and at the same time initiated a program to offer lessons to the students who dropped outvin secondary school.

I have also been empowered to engage myself in offering civic education to my people. I happened to attend a conference for devolution in my county. I hope to travel to Uganda for a conference on good governance and leadership next month(November).

Stocking projectors to my business

Good Morning,
Zidisha Team & Lenders I have been able to Repair My TV which was not working & also I have managed to buy a new DVD Player & also I have started paying my sons school fees which he would be joining early next year.
I am very grateful for Zidisha bringing me this far.
Thank You Zidisha Team & Lenders.

Business loan

Thank you lenders for your support. This is my third loan and you have been consistent in your funding all this time. Because of you, I am assured of running my vehicle smoothly because of the regular maintenance that it undergoes due to your financial support.

I pray for you long life so that you continue helping other entrepreneurs as well.

Herbal medicine for my mobile health service

Thank you very much lenders for the trust and encouragement. With this loan, I will buy more herbal medicines to aid in my operations. I would also ensure that I put a smile on the faces of my people especially those who cannot afford to pay for full cost of their medicine. I believe I was helped so I can help others. Thank you once again.

Buy school stationery

Zidisha loans have continued to be a blessing to my business. With the last loan, I managed to get a freezer and a stock of candies and this has been doing very well. It is now a department on its own in my retail business and it has increased my revenue at approximately 20%. Thank you so much lenders for being the main part of this success story.

Inventory of materials for my tailoring shop

I am greatly humbled to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK for you loan you lended me in deed it as boosted my tailoring and dressmaking live is transformed,my family is staying a better life,my children they are in better schools,i managed to support 15 orphans with learning materials on august stock is increasing hence many customers to my business.

Loan for literary talent competition

Due to the profit i made in some book supplies i made to a couple of client schools during this years book season, i wish to pay a little more than the installment amount just so that, i don`t hold the loan for too long. i really am glad to be enjoying a flexible repayment schedule, never felt this better.

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

due to the great harvest I have had I wish to increase my installment amount in order to pay my loan on time and increase my current credit

Motorbike for transporting stationery

Hello lenders and the whole zidisha team, I am humbled before you people.
I want to believe that will continue with the good work you started.
I am glad to be a member as well as a mentor in this global community.

I hereby want to inform you of my progress as a mentor.Truly speaking I can not hide your good work from other people.
This is why when I was called upon to give a speech in our campus annual ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT, I was confident because I knew I had a story to tell, the story of zidisha. My story and experience about zidisha was the talk of the day.
My prayer is that you would continue with the good work.
You have always been an inspiration to me to continue doing what I can do better.

Freezer to store vegetables and fruits

Greetings my lenders,i first want to sincerely thank you for the loan and entrusting me with your money,my business have grown tremendously to an extend i have now ventured in agriculture,i have bought two green houses and the return per day is about 15 dollars where i supply vegetables to schools and hospitals,my children are doing very well and my son will be joining doing national exam this december,join me to wish him all the best in his final primary exams,i request you o fund my loan to buy freezer to store vegatables and fruits before i take them to market to prevent rotting and wastage before taking them to market

Selling avocados

Hi lenders,
Thank ou lenders for bearing with me ,my last loan was hard for me but now good news is that another exciting mango season is here with us again I am expecting assistance from you throughout this season which will end in march.
Thanks and God bless

Expansion of my household supplies business

I was able to obtain a single business permit(business License) using the loan funds.This enabled me to commence business operations.
Never been happier!!

Repaint my taxi in order to attract more customers

I take this oppoturnity to thank all my lenders for giving me a chance to shine again through their support, your past loans has really helped me in growing my taxi business .
Right now my car is getting a new face of paint and in two days i will be back to business as usual.
Thank you every one who has made my loan a success.
My the Lord richly bless you.
Yours faithfully,

Mobile-phones shop

Three phones of which one cost 60ghc ,all making total of 180ghc.
it increased my profit and i was able to save little money than last month.
my earning is increased by 50 ghc.
i used the profit forb food.

Agricultural inputs and spraying machines for my mango farm

thanks to my lenders and zidisha team for making my business grow to an amazing level. Am very grateful and may God bless you all.


Purchase of New Recharge Cards for Mobile Phone Business

thanks to all lenders, my business is great I have managed to increase my repayment amount from 5 ghs to 60 ghs.may God bless you all.

Rawmedia branding

Hello Team,
Firstly I would like to begin with a big thank you for believing in me and trusting me to be able to do something with your funding as that has seen me come a long way.
My business has improved so much from the time i got your assistance and I would like to say a big thank you. Am almost finishing repayment of my first loan and I have seen so much progress. I have been able to maintain a stock of printing papers throughout hence the flow of business.
This has saved me on so much time that I used to waste on going out every time a client walks in to get a set of printing papers.
The increased earnings have been used to stock different types of papers and that has allowed me to venture into different kinds of printing works that I was not able to do earlier. The business is actually growing at a good rate.

Offset printer for my cybercafe

now I can smile.After purchasing my Nikon Camera have been able to attract many customers for passports and photos. I always target them in churches over the weekend and also those who come to my shop.
Have purchased phone and computer accessories which am selling at my shop out of the profit am earning from the sales.
at the moment am also taking passports for applying American green cards and the business is really good.
thank you lenders for your support.
God bless you


Purchase of New Recharge Cards for Mobile Phone Business

thank you all lenders for your support. my business is doing great. my weekly profit have increase by 75% so I want to increase my repayment amount. thank you.

Buying a printer

Am very grateful to have received this money. I will now purchase a digital camera, photcopier tonner and ceremony flowers. This will increase my profit in business.
I sincerely thank my lenders wherever they are for this support. My God bless you for your generosity.

Tuition for degree in Business Management

Am grateful for the loan i received helped me clear my kids outstanding school fees balances and purchased car wash accessories. My kids are happily and comfortably in class attending their lessons and my business is fairing on well realizing an increase of 10% profits which enabled me to repay back the loan without a delay or a default.
Thanks to all lenders you are truly doing a great job.

Stocking mobile phones for resale

I would like to thank you all zidisha team for making it possible for me to succeed.i have been able to reach to a wider range of customers in my money transfer section which resulted to increase in profit up to 50% with that I was able to repay the whole amount I borrowed smoothly.thank you for your support.

Office internet

My business has started making profits due to the cost of printing which I'm able to cut.Thanks alot for the loan it is making a difference in my career

My book stock

My business, in fact is growing or expanding by the help of Zidisha team. Sales for last week and this week was good.

Inventory acquisition

Thank you for funding my loan,The money will be used to buy new inventory for the shop.This is going to help me increase my profit margin about 10%.

Tuition for university degree in education

With Zidisha Organization, I am very optimistic Life of many will be transformed to higher standards.You have enabled me to pay my tuition fees without a security which is a burden to many .It is high time you came up to uplift the poor,the disadvantaged and the needy in the community or the society and the whole world at large.You are a source of change all will wish to have.Many will have food on table through you,afford wearing clothes,put up shelter for those who don't have and get education like me ,God be with you Zidisha Organization .And there goes biblical verse that says I was necked and you clothed me ,hungry and you gave me food to eat , thirsty and you gave me to drink and in hospital and you came for me.You are the angels of Christ on earth.Keep the spirit God will reward you.I am proud to associate with you and I hereby believe that you will go far and you will change the lives of many .


To buy a grinder machine for my welding business

Hi lenders, I would like to thank you very much for the loan, because it has really helped my business to come back to life after replacing a Brand new grinder machine. Thanks very much

Rice, maize flour, new tires for my motorbike and tuition

I would like to thank zidisha family for the good job you are doing. secondly i want thank all lenders who funded my last loan which i have fully repaid. My last loan have helped me alot to meet my basic needs .my business is growing bigger each day as a result of the loan which is so flexible to pay thank you in advance

Financing internet and a cpu for desk top computer

Hello lenders,
I made my sixth repayment yesterday. The business is wonderful from the support you gave me.
Thank you very much

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a word of thank you for your consideration for my last loan application. It has real help me a lot in my life in the quest for in wealth creation and in term of food security. The loan has enable me to mark a great stride in my life by opening my mind and thinking wide ahead towards financial independence.part of the profit realized from the chicken venture has made me open another venture it is along term project and worth it. I have stated a tree planting project.( woody plants) in our family shamba. we are anticipating elnino rain this region which is a blessing in disguise to my projectr to succed it will need rainfall. I intend to plant Neem trees, Arboea,Grevillea robusta, and casuarina. The future lies in Timber as an Investment as more people will be seeking to build houses. The Journey Has started am looking 15 years from that is the time i will be harvesting wood and building poles. Last but not least i am sorry for the inconveniences made on loan repayment there was a time i was off network and in remote areas thus could not respond early. My sincere hope and prayer was that i would have been eligible for a bigger loan to advance my cause of tree planting as it is has a lot of challenges and that sourcing for seedlings require a good capital investment., Nevertheless i will accept my threshold. thank you.


Need watering can, fertilizers, and pesticides for my farm

Thank you all lenders for your support
.Now I can pay my children fees. my farm is also great. thank you all.may God bless you.

Mpesa mobile money transfer service

Hi Lenders,

Thanks once more for your kind assistance in loaning me this has really boosted my business to an extend that I have opened a small branch near my residential area which I have managed to employ one person there and it is picking up and I owe it to you people.

I have also started to train women in my residential area on how to do business some did not know that they can start a small business on their own and they are really happy with the information I am imparting in them and very soon they will all come and join Zidisha Family which is because of your kindness towards me.

Thanks once more and God bless you mightly.


Spare parts for repairing computers

Thanks to the team of zidisha for this great opportunity. My turn over has increase to about 60% and for that matter i will like to increase my loan repayment. Thank you.

Raw materials for making blocks to build homes

Dear Lenders you have been a blessing unto my life. With your support of loan, my life now has a meaning. I am now able to pay my wards school fees and cater for my family as well which were some of the things I was finding it difficult to do earlier. You have put smile on my face, God bless you abundantly. Business has now improved drastically, I was able to buy all the materials for my blocks making which include sand, cement, water. etc and this boost my business to the next level. I thank you very much for that loan.

Mcsheldon entertainment

i would like to say thank you to the zidisha community for this far, i am now growing bigger each day as a result of the loan i got ffrom you that is so flexible to pay. i dont struggle at all. thank you guys

Loan to buy equipments to expand my barbering shop

Good morning my dear lenders. as I keep on updating you on how my business is growing at an increasing rate because of my previous loans, I wish to express my gratitude and hope that my loan will be fully funded so that I can buy more equipment to improve my barbershop.

Selling Various Merchandise

I made sales during the week and it allowed me to make a profit. These benefits have enabled me to pay my child"s education. This has been possible thanks to your lenders. I said thank you and God you make.

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J'ai effectué des ventes au cours de la semaine et cela m'a permis de faire des bénéfices. Ces bénéfices m'ont permis de payé la scolarité de mon enfant. Cela à été possible grâce a vous les prêteurs. Je vous dit merci et que Dieu vous le rendre.

Pig farming

Thank you zidisha family for the good job you are doing secondly,i want to thank the lenders that funded me the loans that i finished on Sunday, it helped me a lot to try out a new project that proofed to be a success .i have managed to sell 3/4 of the nursery and i have been give acontract with communty based organization to supply 200'000 seedligs of different species.Thank you lenders for giving me the chance to purse my life time project that has real improved my living standard .

Inventory of materials for my tailoring shop

Thank you my good lenders for your positive boosting my tailoring and dressmaking live is transformed my family is living a better life and i am in a position to support orphans with cloths.these as brought many customers to my business.may god bless you.

Purchase produce to expand my stock

Hi my lenders am happy to tell you that the first loan positively helped me and to expand the business I have placed another loan application.
Just like the first loan ,I shall not dissapont you.
God bless you as you carry on with that spirit of helping others.